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MotoGP, Marquez: “Martin risks winning, and then losing the title 20 minutes later”

“It could happen in Valencia if he gets the tire pressure wrong. In my opinion, they should eliminate the rule, at least for the Sprint Races in 2024. Morbidelli? That’s normal when you have nothing to lose.”      

MotoGP: Marquez: “Martin risks winning, and then losing the title 20 minutes later”


It was a bitter Saturday in Sepang for Marc Marquez. During the first laps, the Spanish rider actually ended up falling and nipped his ambitions in the bud. Even if he was able to start again, Marc finished the race 21st, ahead of Alvaro Bautista’s Ducati.

“As always, I try to push. But, unfortunately, today I ended up falling,” Marc said. “This year, we had to break some records. Those in falling. Like I said, I’ll give it my all until the end for Honda. It’s a shame about this Saturday. First in qualifying, then the fall after starting from behind. Unfortunately, when you start from the back, everything becomes more complicated, because you have to push more than usual, and the tire overheats. I fell because the asphalt at that point on the track is bumpy. I got back on the bike, I finished the race, I managed to do my job, that is, do laps, give information to the team, and tomorrow we'll see if we can have a more stable race.”

So far, Marc has little to say about the race. His consideration of what happened with Morbidelli in qualifying is more interesting.

“I don’t know what his gesture meant but, ultimately, these images are fun for the show. Franco and I aren’t risking anything in this championship, and situations like this can happen. At first, I didn’t want to continue towing, because I had already been slowed down in the previous lap. In the end, however, that’s how it went.”

His brother Alex ended won.

“I think this victory is a good sign for him, considering he was coming off a bad injury. In Buriram, he was fast, but then he fell. What matters is having speed, and that’s what I’ve always thought about in my career. If you have speed, that means you have confidence and, consequently, you can only improve.”

Speaking of Alex, Marc will be joining him in the Gresini garage in two weeks. Are you already thinking about that?

“No, as long as I’m with Honda, I’ll be one hundred percent focused on doing my best. Then, in 2024, I’ll do my job at Gresini in my part of the garage. The fact is that the Ducatis are very fast, and I think that’s evident. It’s certainly nice to see several riders winning.”

Finally, the issue related to tire pressure.

“It’s difficult to judge. If there’s a rule, it must be the same for everyone. I got a warning in Thailand because I had high pressure. But, for me, the performance of the bike was worse. In fact, I told my work group. What I can say is that the front pressure has varied a lot. Now, however, there are more aspects at play, such as aerodynamics, which then affects braking. In my opinion, the pressure issue could be eliminated from the sprint race, given that there are only ten laps. In the end, pressure varies a lot on the front, much less on the rear.”

A countermeasure is certainly expected.

“Imagine if Martin won the title, and then they take it from him after twenty minutes due to irregular pressure? Dorna has every reason to find a solution to this.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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