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MotoGP, Marini sees potential in Honda, Zarco is thankful: “It’s important to me”

“Luca reasons pretty well. He’s not stupid, and I’m glad he thinks Honda has room for progress,” the Pramac rider admitted, commenting on Marini’s statements in Sepang

MotoGP: Marini sees potential in Honda, Zarco is thankful: “It’s important to me”


There is still a big riddle to solve three weeks after the end of the 2023 season: namely, the name of Marc Marquez’s heir in Honda. Between confirmations and denials, many riders were approached in recent weeks for the RC213V, which has been left without a rider. A bike that doesn’t appeal to many but that has attracted the attention of many, starting with Johann Zarco, who’s eager to know the name of the fearless rider who’ll complete Honda’s quartet, which he’ll also be joining in 2024, wearing the colors of the LCR Castrol team.

With Fermin Aldeguer removed from the list of riders, one of the hottest leads in the past few hours has been the one regarding Luca Marini. An unpredictable team switch for the Mooney VR46 rider, who already has a contract for next year. The rider from the Marche region didn’t want to completely close the door to an intriguing move like the one Zarco made, as he’s about to leave the most competitive bike of the lot to ride one of the least performing.

“The Ducati is a complete bike and is fast in every situation, but developing a bike to your liking is a very nice thing and, in my opinion, it can lead you to even better results,” Marini observed in Sepang. 

Thiis is music to Zarco’s ears, who was pleasantly impressed by the words of his colleague. “Maybe Luca is a rider who reasons more than everyone else, and I think he reasons very well, because he’s not stupid. I’m glad that he thinks there’s a lot of potential for progress in Honda, because that’s going to be important for me,” the two-time Moto2 Champion – who wants to help the Japanese giant revive its luck as soon as possible – said.

A similar move to the one that Yamaha will also have to carry out as it, once again, is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel in these last races of the year and was quite competitive this Friday in Malaysia

“I don’t know why they’re doing well here. We have a different casing on the rear. I’d say the normal one. And many complain that there’s little grip, but maybe they’re able to take advantage of it. It’s a track that we know very well. They also did many tests here, and maybe they’re a bit more prepared than usual,” the Pramac team rider commented. “The only sector in which they lose time is the last but, on the rest of it, they manage to make a difference. Also because. to ride at a low 1’58”, the second and third sectors are very important.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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