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MotoGP, Quartararo: “I'm aiming for the podium at Sepang, but Yamaha must take a risk in 2024”

“I don't know why we are doing well at the end of the season, but Yamaha has to be smart and take a risk to improve next year. What would I want from concessions? More freedom on the engines”

MotoGP: Quartararo: “I'm aiming for the podium at Sepang, but Yamaha must take a risk in 2024”


Despite a slight misunderstanding with his teammate, Franco Morbidelli, Fabio Quartararo can be quite satisfied with this Friday on the Sepang track. The French rider in fact guaranteed himself access to Q2, setting the seventh fastest time in FP2. Confirming the good potential shown by Yamaha in this last part of the season, in which he has achieved two third places in the Grands Prix in India and Indonesia.

“I don't know why we're doing so well. Sometimes you arrive at a track where you would never expect to get a good performance, as happened to us in India, and here both Franco and I have always been fast, but it's difficult to understand why we can't always have this feeling" observed Fabio at the end of the day, trying to explain the good potential shown by his M1: “On some tracks where the pace is very competitive and constant we are unable to improve by fitting the new tyre. Here, however, consumption is very high, and you can really feel the difference between a used tyre and a new one, and this allows us to take a big step forward."

A step that the Frenchman could have also made in the timesheets without that misunderstanding with Morbidelli at the end of FP2, which annoyed the 24-year-old a bit.

“I don't know if it would have been my best lap or not, but it was certainly a good one - explained El Diablo - I think I still had a little bit of margin in some corners, but I don't know if I would have achieved my best time”.

The final position does not fully reflect the potential of the M1 of Quartararo, who is aiming for much higher than seventh place.

“My expectation is to try to fight for the podium, because we have a really good pace - explained the rider from Nice - There are obviously many competitive riders and from what I understand I should be fifth or sixth in terms of pace, so I expect to be able to have an excellent qualifying and I hope to finish in the first two rows. Then it will be all a question of tyres and pace, but to be honest, a Top 5 would be a good result for us."

After a much more problematic start to the season than expected, the Yamaha seems to have managed to produce some good performances in these overseas races. But is the true level of the M1 the current one, or the one shown at the start of the championship?

“I honestly don't know, because usually we go better in the first part of the season and worse in the second, so I was a bit surprised by the fact that this year it was the opposite - admitted Fabio - We have to find answers to our questions and be smart for the future, because I know that Yamaha puts a lot of people into developing the bike, but we have to take a big risk to be able to achieve better results in 2024."

Help for next year could also come from concessions, which Dorna would like to grant to the Japanese manufacturers.

“What would I like to obtain? Freedom on the engines, because concessions were like that in the past and that's what Yamaha needs. We need more tests and I know that if we had the concessions we would have six days of testing in Malaysia. We need to push towards what Yamaha needs and although I don't really know what they would need, I think the possibility of using different engine specifications would be a great help. Then whatever we can obtain, so be it. Let's take it all! - the Nice native added laughing - It's always better to have more than less”.


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