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MotoGP, Di Giannantonio, Marini, Aldeguer: Honda has few ideas (and confused)

Fermin is the latest name in vogue to replace Marquez, Fabio has no news on his future, Marini has closed the door: 19 days before the Valencia tests, it is still not known who will get on HRC's second bike

MotoGP: Di Giannantonio, Marini, Aldeguer: Honda has few ideas (and confused)

The first tests of 2024 are scheduled for November 28, just 19 days from now and it is not yet known who will ride the official team Honda vacated by Marc Marquez. In recent weeks the list of candidates for the position has continued to grow, but a name has not yet emerged. Fabio Di Giannantonio was in pole position, but the Roman opened his arms wide in Sepang when asked about his future.

“Unfortunately I have no news, I was hoping to arrive here with something to say. I'm preparing black leathers for the Valencia test, I don't know yet if I'll use them on a MotoGP or an Ohvale - he joked - I've gotten used to it now, I haven't known for 6 months what my future will be, obviously I would like to know as soon as possible."

HRC has explored various paths, but only received a 'no’. Starting with that of Miguel Oliveira, who, when he realized that the contract offered would only be for one year, ended the talks. After all, no rider would bring a relationship with his team to an end for such a short-term perspective.

In recent days, the Japanese have also attempted the path of Marini. Luca was contacted about that seat and he himself says what the chances are that he will leave the VR46 team: "at the moment it is very, very, very, very, very difficult" he stated.

Clearly, many riders would be tempted by a place in the most successful team in MotoGP, even if at the moment they won't wear those colours with the prospect of getting quick satisfaction and, with one-year contracts, it would be difficult to leave a competitive bike (even if satellite) for the RC213V. And what's more, at the last moment.

“Obviously I'm pleased with all this attention, my dream and my goal is to race in an official team, develop a motorbike, but this is happening in November - underlined Marini - I have a contract already signed, I feel very good and I think that next year will be important for me."

One possibility would be to go poaching in Moto2 and the name of Alonso Lopez had already been mentioned, while in recent days that of his teammate Fermin Aldeguer has emerged. It would seem like a repeat of the story of Quartararo: he also raced with Luca Boscoscuro's team in Moto2 and, due to a combination of events, the doors of MotoGP opened to him.

Would Fermin be ready for this leap? Aleix Espargarò, who knows the young rider well, responded: “he is ready, he is very fast and I like him a lot, his riding style reminds me a bit of Quartararo's. The question, however, should be different, because it's one thing to go on an Aprilia or a Ducati, another on a Honda. In this case, technically he would be ready, but mentally I don't know if he is ready to struggle on a bike that is not competitive" the Aprilia rider correctly underlined.

“He didn't ask me anything and I'm happy he didn't - continued Aleix - Maybe I would tell him to take that train, but in 2024 all the contracts will expire and he might have other chances, perhaps after winning the Moto2 title. I would take advantage of the opportunity, but maybe I'm not the right person to say it because I've made so many mistakes in my career - he laughed – He has to be patient, he's just 18 years old, in the last few days we were together in Bali and he spent more time with Max than with me, after all, there is 12 years difference from my son and 18 from me. If he doesn't take this train, others will arrive."

Honda, however, needs someone to get on its bandwagon eventually and it certainly hasn't enticed anyone so far. An uncompetitive motorbike and an annual contract are capable of extinguishing any enthusiasm. Perhaps the time has come to change strategy, propose longer programs and decide. Also because there isn't much time left. Fabio Di Giannantonio remains the most likely option, but it is not the only one.


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