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SBK, Burgatti: "Iannone maintained his MotoGP style for the Panigale by moving closer to Bautista"

The crew chief: “We expected Andrea to have more difficulty in adapting to the V4, but he demonstrated determination and speed. However, he must not be a perfect copy of Alvaro, it is up to us to bring out his qualities, we are aware that the journey will be a long one"

SBK: Burgatti: "Iannone maintained his MotoGP style for the Panigale by moving closer to Bautista"


It could be considered to all intents and purposes as a sort of homecoming. After three years in the factory team alongside Michael Rinaldi, Filippo Burgatti has decided to start again from Go Eleven, closely following Andrea Iannone in the next World Superbike season.

A challenge full of motivation and curiosity for the Milanese engineer together with The Maniac, in the team in which he won the independent title in 2020 with the Romagna native now in Motocorsa. We spoke with Burgatti about the first test made by Iannone in Jerez astride the Panigale V4.

Who better to tell us what the rider from Vasto did on his return to racing competition after a four-year absence.

“A few months ago, speaking with Aruba and Feel Racing, some proposals were put forward for 2024 and the one with Iannone in Go Eleven gave me a lot of stimuli and motivation – he began – So I decided to accept this new challenge in a reality that I know well and where in the past I felt very comfortable together with the Ramello family and the members of the working group".

This new adventure alongside Iannone began on Tuesday. How do you rate the first test?

“Andrea returned after a four-year hiatus and in my opinion the test was positive. Obviously we are only at the beginning of a journey, but I think a first piece has been put in place. To tell the truth, we expected more difficulty on his part in interpreting the Ducati, as well as the tyres and electronics. Instead he moved very well despite the wait and the initial nervousness."

What struck you about him?

“As I said, initially he was a bit nervous and I can understand that, seeing as there was a lot of anticipation after a long period of stoppage, furthermore the Superbike is not a road bike. I was very impressed by his determination and his positive qualities on the bike. We made small steps and I think there was evidence of progress on his part at the end of the two days of testing."

Humanly, how did it seem his relationship with his crew chief?

“I think ours was a very constructive relationship in this first test. Andrea is an open person, who wants to know and experiment, but above all very attentive to detail and meticulous. Obviously he had some questions before the test, but we all had confirmation that he is a fast, talented rider who hasn't forgotten how to ride a motorbike."

So far, Alvaro Bautista is the only rider capable of getting the best out of the Panigale thanks to his style. Andrea's goal is to go in that direction.

“In my opinion, Andrea has managed to maintain the style of a MotoGP rider over time, that is, the ability to brake hard, enter corners and then exit quickly with the gas in hand. These are his strong points. In terms of style however, considering all the Ducati riders, I think that Iannone is very close to that of Alvaro, but Andrea must not be a perfect copy of Bautista. In fact, each rider has his own style and our task is to bring out his qualities."

The next test will be in January at Jerez. What did he ask you for 2024?

“First of all, in Jerez we will have to confirm what we did in this first test. There will then be some innovations in terms of ergonomics, in order to have greater comfort in the position on the Ducati, we will also have to make some adjustments to the electronics and rear brake."

Andrea's adventure with Go Eleven is only just beginning and there will be many new things to know and discover ahead of the start of the World Championship. In your opinion, what are the main obstacles to overcome?

“This is a completely new reality for him. The management of the race weekend, in terms of stress, will in fact be crucial, given that he has never run three races in a row in one weekend. Physically he will then have to get used to a Superbike, which is very demanding from a physical point of view compared to the road version. After the test he was quite tired, but I know that he has already recovered."

What do you expect from Iannone in the 2024 World Championship?

“I think it's early to talk about expectations. We are in fact at the beginning of a journey and we must move in small steps. Andrea returns after many years and he shouldn't be in a hurry even if I can understand it on his part. The important thing will be to take one step at a time, given that we are dealing with a category like Superbike, which has reached a very high level in recent years."    


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