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MotoGP, Pernat: "Breaking the contract with Bastianini would cost Ducati money"

"Spain is pushing for Martin in the official Ducati team, but Enea was confirmed in August and the contracts with the sponsors are also defined". Meanwhile, Honda, increasingly in difficulty, is keeping Di Giannantonio on standby and going after Aldeguer and Marini."

MotoGP: Pernat: "Breaking the contract with Bastianini would cost Ducati money"


In Spain all hell has broken loose on the assumption that, in the event of victory in the world championship ahead of Bagnaia, Jorge Martin could end up in the official team in place of Enea Bastianini.

We also talked about it a few days ago because the # 1 plate has immense value, more on an economic level than on a media level, and the official team cannot do without it.

The reasons are those we have explained. It is true, however, that the operation would not be simple, and above all painless for Ducati which last August decided to reward Enea's unfortunate season by reconfirming him in the official team.

A brief note: Bastianini and Martin signed, virtually a few GPs after the start of the season, a contract which ensured them the same technical equipment, i.e. bikes and evolutions of the GP23 and the same salary.

Then each of them, obviously, played their cards and in Bastianini's case his skilled manager, Carlo Pernat, was able to sell him for what he really is: Francesco Bagnaia's teammate in the official Ducati team .

These are things that are worth quite a bit on an economic level, and they are two-year contracts, with nice penalties involved.

For this reason, Enea’s possible move to Pramac would entail a payment for lost earnings by Ducati. Because it is obvious that having your brand on red leathers does not have the same value as having it on white-pink ones.

Carlo Pernat referred to this yesterday in an interview with a Spanish colleague when he said: "Enea is a great champion and he proved it, the crash in Portugal caused by Luca Marini made him throw away a championship in which he would have been certainly protagonist. Ducati knows this well. And then there is a contract: breaking it would cost a lot of money."

The money is that of the contracts that Enea would be forced to renegotiate. The problem, however, remains and confirms all the difficulties that MotoGP is encountering in this season finale which still sees Honda-HRC looking for a partner for Joan Mir in the Repsol team.

Fabio di Giannantonio is still waiting for a response, because Alberto Puig would like the recent Moto2 winner of the Thai GP, Fermin Aldeguer, currently with Boscoscuro, while interest has also arrived for Luca Marini. But we already wrote this some time ago.


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