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MotoGP, Thai GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A spicy weekend, the kind with which you risk burning yourself, not in a metaphorical sense if you ride an Aprilia. Jorge Martin's palate is instead accustomed to certain flavours

MotoGP: Thai GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


A spicy Thai GP, one of those where you risk burning yourself, not in a metaphorical sense if you ride an Aprilia. Jorge Martin's palate is instead accustomed to certain flavours and the Spaniard has had a feast of opponents. Bagnaia lost points and regained confidence, Binder, as the third litigant, enjoyed less than he would have liked and could have.

After so many emotions, a short break is needed, then a final sprint. Three GPs like three finals, tucked in the fairing and head down, towards Valencia and the world title.

THE GOOD – All beautiful and good, some more than others, we know. Jorge Martin won the beauty pageant and the race, but Brad Binder and Pecco Bagnaia did not disfigure. Between overtaking moves, braking well beyond the limit and the best of their repertoire they had fun. And they entertained us too.

THE BAD – Thai cuisine is very varied, but its menu lacks grilled rider. Aprilia tried to add one to it, transforming the RS-GP into a barbecue. A semi-successful experiment, because at the end of the race his riders were cooked, but not well roasted, more boiled. It's not the taste they were looking for, luckily there is Malaysia to perfect the recipe.

THE UGLY – We don't know what Brad Binder's favourite colour is, but we highly doubt it could be green. Every time he touches it there's trouble, in Assen he missed out on two podiums, at least he got there in Buriram. The South African is a reverse Hulk, when he sees green he shuts down.

DISAPPOINTMENT – It's not always Saturday and we don't always race at Phillip Island. The change of latitude pushed Zarco and Di Giannantonio into anonymity. No somersaults and tears of joy, just a race to forget.

CONFIRMATION – MotoGP awaits him and he deserved it. Even when he doesn't win, Pedro Acosta convinces. He makes few mistakes, he knows when to settle for the result and counts the days that separate him from the Moto2 title celebration. To understand how much of a difference it makes: Dixon, 3rd in the championship, has just over half his number of points.

MISTAKE – The softer tyre was a gamble, but we will never know if it would have been a winner. Alex Marquez's dive into the gravel will leave us with this doubt forever.

SURPRISE – We had already seen what David Alonso was made of, but the Aspar team rider continues to amaze. With his 4th victory in his debut season, but above all with his lucidity amidst the chaos of Moto3. The world championship hopes are still alive and he has no intention of extinguishing them.

OVERTAKING – Give him an opponent and he will lift your spirits. Marc Marquez fought with any rider who passed within 2 meters of him, even knowing that he would take more than give. Anyone who thought that the last races with Honda would be a tired parade didn't understand his character.

CURIOSITY – With Martin's victory and Bagnaia's 2nd place, Ducati reached 250 podiums in MotoGP. Another beautiful photo to put in the memory album of this season.

TOLD YOU SO – “This will be the right race for a scrap with Martin” predicted Bagnaia. He was only a bit wrong.


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