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MotoGP, Marquez: “Dall’Igna to Honda? I've already made my choice."

“I don’t know if it was possible or not. The decision is made. So I won’t speak about ‘if, if, if’. Today I tried to attack because defence is the best attack. Yamaha denied Toprak the chance to test BMW? It depends on the relationship you have with the manufacturer, in the past Honda didn't let Rossi try the Yamaha"

MotoGP: Marquez: “Dall’Igna to Honda? I've already made my choice."


Marc Marquez used sabre and foil at the Thailand GP. Fighting for the top positions was unthinkable and so here he finished in seventh position behind Fabio Quartararo's Yamaha. He showed up at the media debrief with a scarred neck.

"They were the stones thrown up by those ahead of me", he explained.

A generally enthusiastic Marc, whose goal is to end his adventure with Honda in the best possible way before moving on to Gresini.

“I knew that with the hard tyre it would be tough in today's race – he began – the problem is that we suffer too much in terms of performance and wear compared to the other bikes. In the end, however, I wanted to align myself with the choice of the other riders before the race and I would do it again. I managed to see something of the ending. I saw that they finished together and that's nice. It creates fans.”

Marquez makes the difference for Honda, like Binder for KTM.

"Obviously Binder is making the difference in KTM. When you see all the same bikes at the front you realize that the bike is going well, but when you see that there is only one rider, that's when that rider makes the difference, because Jack Miller is also a great rider and he's not going so well", said Marc, who then spoke about his brother Alex.

"Today, it’s true that I was thinking a lot, about choosing the aggressive option, the softer rear tyre. And maybe it was okay, I don’t know. But then I chose the same as everybody and tried to control it myself all the race. I was looking for a stable weekend and we achieved it. Here I had to be on the safe side, but when I saw him at the start of the race I said to myself: 'He made the right choice'. He was the one who went the furthest and was sliding the least, and he seemed comfortable in the lead. He'll have to see what happened because sometimes it happens that when you're not used to being at the front, you take more risks and these things can happen. The important thing is that we learn from it."

Marc then talked about his own race.

“I said ‘The best way to defend is to attack’. And I started to attack. The way to attack with our bike is in the braking points. I was braking late at Turn 5, Turn 11 and 12. But it was not enough. We lost one-and-a-half seconds in one lap! Then he had more pace. Especially with the hard rear tyre. Yesterday I beat him, today he beat me! As every weekend with the hard rear tyre, it’s more constant but we are struggling with performance. We are dropping performance. The difference in time, the way to ride is different. Then in the end when Fabio overtook me, I was able to catch him, but I was overriding too much. It was important to finish the race so I stayed calm.”

The #93 was then asked what he thought of Dall'Igna in Honda.

“I don’t know if it was possible or not. The decision is made. So I won’t speak about ‘if, if, if’. Now, as you see, I am more free. I am just riding the bike, I don’t care about anything. I am just looking to keep the intensity of these last races so when I go to the new project, I will have the pace.”

At Valencia Marc will test Gresini's Ducati while Yamaha did not allow Toprak to get on the BMW on Tuesday and Wednesday in Jerez.

“What I can say is that my relationship with Honda has always been good, without there having been any conflicts. We have always spoken to each other with serenity and transparency, in fact I consider them human from this point of view. In the past, if I remember correctly, a similar thing with Toprak happened to Rossi, when he wasn't given the chance to try the Yamaha. As I said, however, everything depends on the relationship that is established over time between the parties."

Finally a quick assessment.

“I consider the balance positive. Unfortunately with the hard we don't have that potential in the long race and today it showed. I knew I couldn't fight for the victory, but I'm satisfied with what I did together with my team."


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