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MotoGP, Joan Mir: “With these electronics, if there’s no grip, the bike doesn’t move”

“We lose a lot in traction, with the tire that just keeps spinning. We need more precise electronics, and traction control, which gives us the ability to maximize acceleration. If the electronics don’t help, and there’s no mechanical grip, the bike doesn’t move.”

MotoGP: Joan Mir: “With these electronics, if there’s no grip, the bike doesn’t move”


Friday at Buriram ended with a 16th time for Joan Mir, on a Honda that was in great difficulty both during the fast lap and also with the race pace. The Spanish rider analyzed the problems he faced during the second free practice session, emphasizing the need for electronics that meet the peculiarities of the track instead of rowing against it. The expectations for the Sprint Race, even with the pace, don’t seem rosy.

During the first few laps, the geometry of the bike didn’t work for this circuit,” Joan Mir explained. “We made some changes to the set-up, and we regressed. In the end, during the the last few laps, we managed to find an acceptable balance to try and push for the fast lap, and the result was a gap of four tenths. It wasn’t that bad. Maybe I could’ve improved some details in the last sector but, overall, I’m quite satisfied with how we pushed today. The level isn’t bad, but we need much more.”

But the situation with the pace was different.
“It’s frustrating. We lose something each time for the same reasons. In acceleration, but also with electronics. If it’s not perfect, it makes life even more difficult. We lose a tenth in every sector. It doesn’t seem like much, but the reality is that the race pace is a very different situation from the fast lap. In terms of pace, the situation is anything but rosy.”

In what ways does Honda lose the most?
“We lose a lot in traction with the tire that just keeps spinning empty. We need electronics that allow us to be more precise, and traction control that gives us the opportunity to maximize acceleration, which is one of our weak points. So, if the electronics don’t help us, and we also lack mechanical grip, the bike simply doesn’t move,” the Spanish rider concludef.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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