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MotoGP, Borsoi ironically challenges Tardozzi: “They’re experts, we’re young”

Davide and Gino, along with Pablo Nieto, discuss the World Championship challenge: “We’ll be going to Valencia, and no one is out of the game yet.”

MotoGP: Borsoi ironically challenges Tardozzi: “They’re experts, we’re young”


Ducati has already won the Constructors Championship, and the arithmetic is almost close to deciding which teams and riders will be going to Borgo Panigale. Among the teams, Pramac is firmly in the lead, with VR46 at 85 points and the official team at 108, while Bagnaia precedes Martin by 27 and Bezzecchi by 73 in the riders standings. Whatever might happen, it’s going to be a success for the men in red and, in Thailand, the Team Managers took the stage for once: Davide Tardozzi for the official team, Gino Borsoi for Pramac, and Pablo Nieto for VR46.

A friendly press conference, but not without a touch of healthy rivalry to make everything a bit spicier. The three Team Managers began by, of course, praising their respective riders. “Bagnaia has done a fantastic job this year, but not enough to not have Martin close and Bezzecchi not too far behind,” Tardozzi said. “Compared to a year ago, he has more confidence in himself, and the very close relationship with his crew chief, Gabarrini, allows him to change mentality and speed from one day to the next, from Saturday to Sunday. That’s a characteristic of champions.”

Borsoi, however, is certainly not the type to give up: “Even if we’re not an official team, we don’t lack anything to win. We have the rider, the bike, and the team. For Jorge, the motivation is even greater, because he wants to show how much faster he is.” Nieto isn’t too convinced that Pramac is really a satellite team, considering the official bike and the large presence of Borgo Panigale riders. “For us, the most important thing is to fight against two factory teams, and you never know what’ll happen. We still have eight races, counting the sprints,” he explained. “We’re ready to fight until the end, and Marco believes a lot in himself and has improved along with us.”

Logically, it’s more difficult for the Bez to intervene in the fight for the title, given his delay in terms of leadership, and his opponents who are sharpening their weapons. David and his men find strength in the fact that they’ve already achieved their goal: “Experience helps.” Gino replied jokingly: “Martin is one of the fastest riders at the moment. We only lack a little experience because he’s young, and he’s in a young team. I’m also younger than David. Maybe he’ll help me be faster than him in making certain decisions,” he said smiling.

Then there’s team pressure, which is logically on the shoulders of the official team. “That’s true. The only goal for our riders is to win the championship,” Tardozzi confirmed. “But Martin doesn’t seem like the type who wants to finish second, and Pecco knows how to handle certain situations.” Borsoi seized the moment: “I’d like to ask the journalists a favor. Put pressure on them and take it away from us, so we’ll have a good fight. We all deserve it,” he said ironically. “All joking aside, it already feel like I’m living a dream. Maybe, at some point, I’ll wake up and understand what we did.”

The three Team Managers agree on one thing: the fact that the title could be decided in Valencia. Nieto hopes so: “I’d really like to get to that race with the pressure they have! We’re a little behind, but you never know.” Surely, no one wants to start defeated.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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