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MotoGP, Phillip Island GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Zarco and Di Giannantonio discover how the first and third steps of the podium are made. Bagnaia wins his chess game, Martin confuses the pieces

MotoGP: Phillip Island GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Phillip Island is so beautiful! Uncontaminated nature, cliffs overlooking the ocean, romantic beaches and above all rain and a wind that made koalas fly from the trees. A small problem, if your surname is Zarco and Di Giannantonio and on Saturday you discovered how the first and third step of the podium are made. Or if you are Arbolino and you come good in the perfect storm (for you).

It doesn't go badly either for Bagnaia, who plays a game of chess and wins, while Martin confuses the pieces and gives away points to his opponent. With 4 rounds left in the grand final, Thailand calls and he has to answer.

THE GOOD – You have to go to the other end of the world to see Johann Zarco win a race and straighten out his season with a backflip, to see Fabio Di Giannantonio get on the podium. The Frenchman will ride a Honda next year, perhaps the Italian will do the same: better to enjoy the Ducati while it's around.

THE UGLY – The fastest inhabitant of the seas is the sailfish, capable of reaching 110 km/h, a small thing compared to what Tony Arbolino is capable of doing in the water. The shark from Garbagnate will have to update his nickname into motorboat to live up to his skills. What's bad about that? Not having been able to find out how many riders he would have lapped if the race hadn't been interrupted and not having seen Tony(co) like this for a long time even when the sun is shining.

THE BAD – There is a limit to everything, even to Fabio Quartararo's patience. He was about to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but his zen calm disappeared: "Yamaha needs 15 winters to close the gap, not one, " he blurted out. It's unlikely that the Frenchman will wait that long.

DISAPPOINTMENT – We understand that Franco Morbidelli is counting the days until he gets on the Ducati, but now not even the cameras can find him anymore. There is nothing to see, nothing to report, he’s more anonymous than his Yamaha. And we’re sorry about that.

CONFIRMATION – Bagnaia races like someone who knows that the only important victory is the final one. He hasn't lost the habit of complicating GPs by himself, but neither has he lost the habit of giving his best in the worst. He should have lost points, he continues to gain points and he is the only one who saw the sun in the rain on Sunday.

MISTAKE – A soft tyre for a hard awakening. That’s the problem with gambling, you don't always win and Jorge Martin knows it. He left Phillip Island with empty pockets (of points) and only himself to blame. Sometimes, trusting advice is better than not trusting it.

SURPRISE – The race moved to Saturday, the warm ups for Moto3 and Moto2, the cancellation of the sprint on Sunday: Race Direction didn't miss a beat. Considering the time difference, we thought we were dreaming, but it was all true. This time we say well done to Webb & C.

OVERTAKING – A camel doesn't go through the eye of a needle, or maybe it does, as long as its name is Bagnaia and it's red like a Ducati. Overtaking to the millimetre at the hairpin is an exercise in precision.



CURIOSITY – At his 120th MotoGP Grand Prix Johann Zarco defeated the curse that prevented him from winning. Thus he gave the 13th success of the year to Ducati, already a record for the Reds.

TOLD YOU SO “I'm confident for this weekend”. Jack Miller felt the air of home, then the wind took it away.


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