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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "I regret not racing, it's always a missed opportunity"

"In the warm up I had a small problem, but I could have gained more points in the sprint. I knew I would suffer in the last 3 GPs, but now there are tracks where I was flying on last year"

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

You might think that Bagnaia is happy about the cancellation of the sprint race at Phillip Island. All in all, one less race is always convenient for those who are ahead in the championship, but Pecco's thoughts are the opposite. "I always regret not racing, it's a missed opportunity," he said. "We're leaving Australia with a positive result, but it could have been even more positive."

It's a little surprising to hear these words after seeing him 20th in the warm up, with Martin instead 2nd. I had a small problem or, rather, there was something that didn't work and didn't allow me to push - he explained - What was it? A wrong setting on the rear which made me feel the wind even more, but we resolved everything and in the wet I have always done well this year. It would have been interesting to race: I'm optimistic, I have confidence in myself, I thought I could gain some points."

Having said that, Bagnaia completely agrees with the Race Direction's decision to bring an end to everything.

“The situation was critical already this morning. In Moto3, 18 of them finished the race, the conditions were at the limit, in Moto2 Vietti crashed because of the wind at the first corner, as happened to Oliveira in 2019 - he observed - They made the right decisions throughout the weekend:  they did well to let us run the long race on Saturday and to let us test this morning to understand the conditions. In Moto3 the wind was still within limits, but in Moto2 in 9 laps 10 crashed, there was even an umbrella on the track. If the wind is constant you get used to it, but the problem is the gusts, also here on the straight you're like in a tunnel and when you reach the braking point you get a gust of wind. In the dry you can manage it, but in the wet everything becomes more complicated."

Australia is now behind them and the thoughts are already in Thailand, where they will be racing next weekend, then a weekend break and the final sprint: Malaysia, Sepang, Valencia.

“4 positive GPs await me, at least 3 of the 4 - reflected Pecco - I knew that Motegi, Mandalika and Phillip Island would be complicated tracks for me and more in Jorge's style, I'm happy to leave with 2 second places and a victory. I arrived in Japan 13 points ahead and I leave Australia with a lead of 27, so the balance is positive. Now there will be tracks on which I will feel better. Last year I had an extraordinary weekend in Buriram, as in Malaysia, I flew. I'm very confident and those circuits will give me the right push to tackle the final races."

Teammate Enea Bastianini also supported the Race Direction's decision: "Today it wasn't feasible - he stated - In the warm up the conditions weren't that bad but the last 2 laps were already dangerous, I understood that we were at the limit and in the afternoon the wind increased. It wouldn't have been a sensible race, it wouldn't even have helped me understand if I could improve. We postpone the appointment to Thailand."


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