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Aussie Motorcycle Preferences: Exploring the Top 4 Types by Characteristics

With all of Australia’s wide open and winding roads, riding a motorcycle can be great fun. In the right mood, you can go on for hours, breezing and twisting through cities

News: Aussie Motorcycle Preferences: Exploring the Top 4 Types by Characteristics

With all of Australia’s wide open and winding roads, riding a motorcycle can be great fun. In the right mood, you can go on for hours, breezing and twisting through cities. The weather is nice for most of the year, which makes the conditions ideal for an extended ride.

No wonder why Australians love motorcycles so much. Motorcycles are incredibly popular and people love riding them to get around. They can add a heightened sense of excitement to a regular journey, not to mention, that they can often be cheaper to buy and maintain than cars.

Australian people love motorcycles. There are more than 2 million people in Australia who have motorcycle licenses and approximately 880,000 registered motorcycles. Some Aussies even like to match their bikes with their personalities. That is how serious the motorcycle culture in Australia is. Geeks, literary people, artists, fashionistas - different kinds of people want their personality types reflected in the type of motorcycles they own, from the fastest bikes to the most elegant ones.

Aussies are passionate about their motorbikes. In this article, we shall highlight four of the best types of motorcycles and the kinds of personality types they would go hand in hand with. Read on to learn more; perhaps you’ll find one that suits your personality.

Scooter for Fashionistas

Everyone knows a fashionista likes to be extra. They give serious attention and dedication to how they appear in public. They cannot afford to arrive looking like a mess. That’s why riding a motorbike like a cruiser might not be best. It can ruffle a nicely made-up appearance. Instead, a scooter is a much better choice for a fashionista.

Australian fashion tends to be relaxed and effortless because of how great the climate is. It always feels like summer in Australia, so no elaborate style is needed. In fact, multi-layered clothing can be considered a hassle. Aussie fashionistas prefer a relaxed approach to fashion. That is why a scooter might be best for them.

Scooters are simple, easy-to-ride motorbikes that have bold colors and accessories, lending themselves easily to customization. There’s nothing chicer than a nice pink scooter to go with your pink dress. Think Vespa and Lambretta—these scooters are the perfect examples of cool. With scooters, you can arrive at an occasion avoiding the rush hour and in style, causing heads to turn.

Sports Bike for Sports Fans

Sports fans are probably better off with sports bikes. With their sleek styling and incredible performance, they will surely give sports fans a thrill. Sports fans want something that can replicate the excitement and adrenaline rush of sports, and sports bikes meet this demand well with their unmatched combination of speed, acceleration, and riding features. They are all about precision and raw power output; sports bikes are optimized for braking and cornering.

These high-tech motorcycles are used in motorcycle races and typically come with fairings and windscreens to break the wind and improve aerodynamics during a ride. They are also specifically designed to manage weight well while improving stability control and horsepower. If you are a sports fan, this is probably your dream motorbike. You can don a helmet and ride up the highway, pretending you are in a thrilling race. 

Vintage Motorcycles for Minimalists

Minimalists are a special kind of personality type. Unlike fashionistas who like to be extra, with flashy colors and jaw-dropping aesthetics, minimalists prefer to blend quietly into the background.

They prefer simple things, plain, dull colors like grey and matte wood. Minimalists don’t want frills and flairs. They don’t want unnecessary adornments. That’s why, for a minimalist, vintage motorcycles are the best bet, however, there are important considerations to keep in mind if you are going to buy one.

With their slimmed-down styling that focuses on the essentials of riding, they fit the minimalist image perfectly. Because of their old style, vintage motorcycles often lack complex systems and modern electric starters, so they take minimalist riders back to the basic mechanical interaction between the rider and the machine.

Exotics for Those Who Appreciate Luxury

For those who appreciate luxury, the story is quite different. Lovers of luxury want all the best things in life. Their taste is highly sophisticated and refined, so a mere scooter, for example, would be considered unbefitting of their standards. Scooters are not only too simple but also too cheap to pass as luxury items. No, if you like luxury, you would want something more exotic.

Motorbikes like Ducati and MV Agusta are popular exotic luxury motorbikes just right for you. The sleek, sensuous styling of exotic motorcycles makes them more than just machines; they are works of art.

The type of motorcycle you ride can reveal a lot about your personality type, as any other belonging you have. This is a good factor because the wide variety of motorcycles makes them as much personalized for riders as possible.

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