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MotoGP, Pecco exults at Mandalika, Lorenzo replies: “He should keep a low profile”

“Bagnaia didn’t win the race, it was Martin who lost it.” The five-time champion commented, while observing the celebrations for Pecco, and advised: “Don’t make the beast angry, it’s not over yet.”

MotoGP: Pecco exults at Mandalika, Lorenzo replies: “He should keep a low profile”


Disappointed and angry, Francesco Bagnaia seemed to have buckled on Saturday at the Indonesian GP, where the reigning champion had to console himself with an 8th place in the Sprint Race, after he wasn’t able to gain access to the Q2 in the morning. A day to forget, made even more bitter after Jorge Martin was overtaken. But the scenario was reversed only 24 hours later, when Pecco returned to the top, with the help of Martin’s fall.

“People often talk too much. Sometimes it’s best to wait for the results before doing so,” Pecco said at the end of the race, since he wanted to send a strong and clear message to his opponents, cheering with an unequivocal gesture after crossing the finish line. He then repeat his jubilation, once he climbed to the top step of the podium.

Lorenzo’s reactions to Bagnaia’s jubilation and Martin’s fall

But Jorge Lorenzo didn’t like the celebrations for the victory, since he didn’t appreciate Pecco’s exultation. “These gestures aren’t good. Don’t make the beast angry. It’s not over yet. Keep your enemy calm. Don’t piss him off,” the five-time champion said from DAZN’s booth, as he observed the reigning champion’s gesture.

“I don’t know what I’d do, but it would be smart for him to keep a low profile. He had a bit of luck that Martin made that mistake. Bagnaia didn’t win the race, Martin lost it,” the rider from Majorca said, convinced that Martinator would’ve quietly ended the weekend with a double, if he had managed the race better.

For Jorge, it’s not over yet, although the Martin’s slip up deeply disappointed the Spanish champion, and he commented on what happened. 

“He was overconfident. He didn’t need to push that hard. He should’ve slowed down by at least a couple of tenths, and then push a little more if they caught up with him, but he didn’t have to exaggerate,” Lorenzo observed during the teleconference. “It’s too bad. Where did he fall? Turn eleven? Nooo! He should’ve managed it better. That could cost him the championship.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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