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MotoGP, Indonesian GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In the MotoGP masked ball Vinales becomes Batman, Bagnaia Two-Face (the one on Sunday was definitely better), Marini and Bezzecchi two very fast Mummies, while Martin self 'terminates'. For Quartararo, just being back in 3rd place was normal enough

MotoGP: Indonesian GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


With Halloween just around the corner, the MotoGP masked ball took place in Indonesia. Maverick Vinales impersonated Batman and faced his nemesis: Two-Face. The faces were those of Pecco Bagnaia, whose disguise on Saturday left a lot to be desired, while the one on Sunday deserved the most precious prize. Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi chose the Mummy look, both had stocked up on bandages at the hospital. Fabio Quartararo preferred the old normality of the podium, without any special effects. Terminator Martin, however, defeated himself. Hasta la vista, baby. At least until Phillip Island.

THE GOOD – Sunday's Pecco Bagnaia, tonic and sparkling like an iced drink in the tropical heat. A victory that smells of family, of a festive lunch at home but with a spicy taste. The world champion showed up late for the appointment with a new victory, and as in fairy tales all's well that ends well.

THE BAD – Brad Binder turned out to be a cue wizard, in the billiards sense. Using Marini as one rebound, Oliveira as another and he sent his KTM into the hole, also going through two Long Laps. It was enough to get ahead of Miller, who must have gotten confused with all that geometry applied to motorcycle racing.

THE UGLY – Saturday's Pecco Bagnaia, dull and angry. Without a compass, a map, not even a shred of an idea to find the way again. Simply slow, which doesn't suit him or the Ducati. The other side of the moon, the one that should always remain hidden.

DISAPPOINTMENT – On Thursday the cameras were all for him and his transfer from Tokyo to Romagna. On Saturday and Sunday they focussed on his crashes and then the microphones were turned off. Marc Marquez, on his farewell weekend, perhaps didn't want to make Honda regret him too much.

SURPRISE – More than a garage, that of VR46 was an infirmary: with a suspension adjustment and a set-up behind them, Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi escaped from the sanatorium to get on the podium on Saturday. Alcohol and medicine don't go together, but to celebrate (even Marini's pole position) the exception becomes the rule.

CONFIRMATION – Even though Maverick Vinales disguised himself as the dark knight, the Aprilia did not turn into the invincible Batmobile. There is still enough on the RS-GP to win, but the Spaniard still can't do it. There's always something missing, tenths, maybe hundredths, but it's about time we found them at the bottom of our pockets. And maybe place a sports bet on powerplay.

ERROR – Jorge Martin made a Bagnaia-style mistake. The curse of the championship leader fell on the Spaniard, MotoGP leader for one night only. The awakening was abrupt, but his speed did not disappear.

PASS - On track on Vinales, in the standings on Martin. Bagnaia could have settled for the result with Jorge out of action, but that overtaking move on Maverick was worth more than the points in the standings.

CURIOSITY – It's not just Bagnaia and Bezzecchi who suffer from the pressure, in Indonesia the tyres did too. Too low for those of Franco Morbidelli, Raul Fernandez, Aleix Espargarò and Marco Bezzecchi. Just a clip around the ears, as it was the first time, from the next time it gets serious.

TOLD YOU SO – Pecco Bagnaia on Friday after being excluded from entering Q1: "it also happened in Jerez, then on Sunday I won". At that particular moment he must have been the only one to believe that it was possible to achieve this in Mandalika too.


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