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MotoGP, Misunderstanding between Crafar and Zeelemberg sparks hunt for homophobe

Amidst the noise and Kiwi pronunciation, 'Miguel' became 'the girl' and social media went wild against Zeelember's supposed homophobia accused of denigrating Oliveira. Crazy stuff!

MotoGP: Misunderstanding between Crafar and Zeelemberg sparks hunt for homophobe

To be there or not to be there (on the spot), that is the question! Paraphrasing Shakespeare's well-known phrase and without bringing up Hamlet it was amusing (but not too amusing) when reported by some websites that simply write without checking either the source or the news.

It so happened that in a pitlane conversation between Wilco Zeelemberg and Simon Crafar, a former 500 rider now a pitlane reporter for Dorna, that a question from Simon was misinterpreted by the other former rider Wilco. Misinterpreted to the point of even accusing Zeelemberg of homophobia!

Wilco on the grid standing next to Raul & promo lady /brollie girl. I ask him about "Raul and Miguel". Between my kiwi accent & his decades in pitlane damaged hearing, he hears me ask about "Raul and the-girl." Confused he replies "I don't know.. about the girl, but Raul..."

This is where it all started so much that Zeelenberg (RNF Aprilia) titled shock: homophobic taunt to Oliveira.

Of course, none of this happened. Crafar immediately pointed it out, as social media had gone wild in the meantime, and soon after Wilco did, but the best thing was the snapshot that Miguel and the team manager took of each other with 'chicken butt' lips and eyes made up to simulate a kiss! Funny...but guys, a minimum of control!


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