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MotoGP, Marquez: "I called Pedrosa after Japan, he helped me"

Marc confessed that he asked his former teammate for advice to make a decision: "I was in my room, with Dani I always had a very good relationship, he helped me a lot"

MotoGP: Marquez:

Marc Marquez unveiled today his future, which will be Gresini and Ducati branded, after the end of the long love affair that linked him to Honda since the day of his debut in MotoGP. The Spaniard confessed that he made a final decision only after the weekend in Japan, at the Motegi track that is owned by Honda itself.

Among the various statements he made in this regard, a very interesting one is the one reported to Dazn Spain colleagues, in which he explained how important Dani Pedrosa's contribution was also in untangling the last knots.

"I called Dani Pedrosa on race Sunday in Japan - Marc confessed - I was in my room after the race. What did I ask him? No, I would rather let him tell you that if he wants to. But yes, I called him because he has been with HRC for years. What did he tell me? Let him tell you if he wants to. But I called him for advice, rider to rider. Not more than 'what do I do? Or what don't I do?" because he is a KTM rider and test rider. With Dani I always had a very good relationship, he helped me a lot."

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