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MotoGP, Marquez's solo press conference cancelled, it will now be with Bagnaia and Martin

At Mandalika Marc was supposed to be the protagonist of a 'one man show', but Honda's resistance and the absence of Bezzecchi led to a change in plans and the Spaniard will now share the stage with his future brand mates

MotoGP: Marquez's solo press conference cancelled, it will now be with Bagnaia and Martin


Marquez's farewell to Honda one year before the end of his contract has been getting the fans talking (and will continue to do so). Now that the divorce is official, Marc will speak at Mandalika. Given the importance of the news, the Spanish champion had deserved a press conference for his own personal use, a sort of 'one man show' in which to talk about his decision to leave HRC to join the Gresini team with Ducati (even if the official communication has not yet arrived).

Today, however, the plans have changed and it has been decided that Marquez will be present at the pre-race press conference of the GP, but he won't be on his own. In fact, he will share the stage with future brand mates Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin, taking Bezzecchi's place.

Why this decision? On the one hand, Marco only decided today to leave for Indonesia, so he will arrive at the circuit at the last minute and, having only been operated on a few days ago, the team wanted to let him rest as much as possible, avoiding the Thursday commitment.

On the other hand, however, it is said that this special conference was Dorna's idea, that Dorna didn’t like it and Marquez did not know anything about it. Clearly, the Japanese manufacturer cannot be pleased that a rider who will race with them for another 6 GPs talks about another manufacturer and the reasons why he abandoned them, but in any case putting him with other riders won’t be enough to prevent journalists from asking him the same questions .

In the end it is a script we have already seen and seen again, one of ‘separated at home’ who have to wait for the set date to say goodbye for good. Pretending that everything is normal is not possible, unless you hide behind silence. So, alone or in company, Marquez will have to answer the same questions tomorrow, with all due respect to him and Honda.


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