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MotoGP, Motegi GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The rain makes Martin bloom, Bagnaia is satisfied and says he is enjoying it, Marquez gives in to the romanticism of a podium. Is everyone happy? Quartararo certainly not

MotoGP: Motegi GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


It rains at Motegi, on the Ducatis of Martin and Bagnaia and on their world championship dreams. Jorge is the one dancing, but for once Pecco is less irritated than usual by a defeat. We start again from 3, like the points that separate the Spaniard from the Italian, which basically means starting from scratch. Speaking of starts, Marc Marquez seems to have his bags already packed, but in the meantime he gives in to the romanticism of a podium on the Honda, wet yes, but not with tears.

THE GOOD – Jorge Martin and Pecco Bagnaia shared the room and the pain of riding a Mahindra in their Moto3 days, today they are on the bike of every rider's dreams and are battling for the MotoGP title. Like when they competed at video games, only one will win, but this time there's something more than a free pizza up for grabs.

THE BAD – He’s going, he’s staying, he’s leaving, he’s remaining, maybe yes, maybe no. Marc Marquez looks like a teenager who has to choose an outfit for a first date. There is a Ducati waiting for him, which he is crazy about, tired of the usual routine with his old partner Honda who would instead like to continue the ménage. Everything is fine, as long as he decides because the story is becoming as interesting as the hundredth rerun of an 80s TV show.

THE UGLY – Not even the home atmosphere can lift the spirits of Yamaha. Morbidelli is counting the days that separate him from farewell, Quartararo doesn't even have that consolation. The Yamaha tuning forks are unable to tune the M1, an out-of-tune violin that no one wants to play anymore.

DISAPPOINTMENT – The shark has transformed into a small fish, with lots of bones and not much flesh. Instead of eating his opponents, Tony Arbolino went the way of sushi in Japan. In the seas of Indonesia he will have to rediscover his old predatory instinct to avoid ending up once again in Acosta's jaws.

CONFIRMATION – The Leopard treatment has transformed Jaume Masia and the eternal promise of Moto3 has become a certainty. The aqua green he wears makes him look slimmer, but above all it has made him faster. For the moment he is leading the World Championship and above all it looks like he’s going to stay there.

MISTAKE – MotoGP doesn't allow shortcuts. Like the one that Zarco's Ducati took to return to the pits after the crash and the red flag. It was enough to take away a 6th place from him. The commissioners pushed him, but the stewards were inflexible. It's the first time and we're not sure if it was the right decision.

SURPRISE – Seeing Michele Pirro in the lead for 3 laps. The test rider used his heart more than his head when he decided not to change tyres. The meek inherited the earth for a short time, but the catwalk was deserved.

PASS – Sprint races should be the reign. At least that's what they told us. Practice says theory is wrong in modern MotoGP. Everyone understood it, except those who decide.

CURIOSITY – Our spies have identified Honda's secret weapon to keep Marquez. In the alleyways of Motegi they found the unsuspected HRC research centre. Here is the photo that proves it. Or are we wrong?

I TOLD YOU SO – Test rider Cal Crutchlow was sure: “Yamaha needs to take a step back with the aerodynamics”. As long as it takes at least one forward somewhere else.


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