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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: “The fall in qualifying was worse to experience than to see”

“I exaggerated in entry. I have some pain in my leg and knee, but it didn’t affect my Sprint. I made a couple of mistakes with the lowering device. Without those, it would’ve been different.”

MotoGP: Bezzecchi: “The fall in qualifying was worse to experience than to see”


Marco Bezzecchi experienced, and made everyone watching experience, a scary moment in the Q2 when he lost the front of his Ducati while he was followed by Marc Marquez. A high-speed fall, ending in the gravel after several somersaults that fortunately didn’t leave one scar on the rider. Marco got right back on his feet and returned to the pits for the second Ducati, qualifying with a 4th time despite having only an medium at the front, not the best choice available. 

In the Sprint, Marco was effective enough to reach a sixth place, but knowing that he had the potential to do much better tomorrow. A couple of mistakes with the front and rear lowering devices caused Marco to lose what he needed to continue competing for the podium, which confined him to dueling with Marquez, who definitely slowed him down in the crucial phase of the race. 

I feel good. I only have some pain in my left leg and left knee,” Bezzecchi commented.But nothing to worry about. My accident was scarier to experience than to see. I entered the corner a little too fast with a cold tire. Let’s say that the tire was ready, but I did the two corners slower before, because I wanted to create a space with Di Giannantonio in front of me. I didn’t want him to bother me. I was too close. I let him go, and then I entered the corner too hard and slipped. Fortunately, I immediately returned to the garage, and the other bike had a front medium, which isn’t the best for this track. I still got a fourth in qualifying, and that’s not bad.”

Did the fall in the Q2 affect your Sprint?
It didn't affect my race. I made a couple of mistakes that created some problems for me. For example, at the start, I couldn’t deactivate the front lowering device right away. I did the first two corners badly. The bike wouldn’t curve, and I lost my position to Marquez and Jack. Overtaking  Marc is always difficult, because he’s very fast in breaking away. Then I made another mistake with the rear lowering device. I  left it on when I should’ve deactivated it, and that wasted more time. In short, two mistakes that I shouldn’t have made, but I tried to get the best result possible.”

Did that ever happened to you before?
I’ve already made mistakes like that before, but it usually doesn’t happen. It was because of a small loss of concentration. Mistakes always depend on that. At the sixth, it seemed as if I was riding a Moto2. How much you lose always depends on where you are on the track when you have this type of problem.”

But you haven’t lost the confidence you had in India, though.
I’m always confident. I feel good on the bike. The goal tomorrow will be to start better than today, even if, with a first corner like the one here, it’s never easy. But I want to do better and feel better about the first few laps, in order to get into the top three positions right away.

Was the second bike okay in qualifying?
My mechanics don’t sleep. The second bike was already set for the Q2.”

Do you think you can do better tomorrow?
If I don’t use the lowering device where I used it today, I’ll definitely do better! Jack wouldn’t have overtaken me. I would’ve quickly caught up with Marquez, and  I would’ve passed him beforehand. I lost focus and lost time. So, when you have to  recuperate, making other mistakes is easier.

How was the duel with Marquez?
The duel with Marc was like that, like all duels with Marquez.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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