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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: “The device that I don't have? Pecco is envious.”

Marco jokes around but rebukes: “It’s because I’m still close to him. I think about the title but, I'm relaxed at the moment, because the challenge is between Martin and Bagnaia. Crutchlow’s cheering for me? Thank you, but I’d also like some of the money from his winnings.”

MotoGP: Bezzecchi: “The device that I don't have? Pecco is envious.”


Marco Bezzecchi couldn’t present a better calling card. The MooneyVR46 rider arrived in Japan after last Sunday’s success in India, which gave him an injection of confidence.

So he thought about upholding the Ducati colors on the day when Bagnaia ended up falling and getting a zero.

I was confident when I arrived here in Japan after a weekend like India,” he said. “Here, in Motegi, I got up my first podium, and I can’t wait to start since I’m psyched.”

Something about Bezzecchi’s growth that's striking is his braking.
Braking was the most difficult step to take in my journey with Ducati. In fact, I studied Pecco and all the other riders. I’ve improved. There are tracks where I’m fast and others where I unfortunately suffer.”

In all this, the question about the device used by Ducati and Pramac becomes topical.
I don’t have it, but I’ll definitely ask for it. The fact is, Pecco is envious, since I’m still close to him even without a device,” he said jokingly. “I’m sure that, if Ducati gets the chance, they’ll give it to me.”

He also talked about the championship challenge.
I’m relaxed because the real battle is between Pecco and Jorge. I’m just racing, but I could never get close enough. Of course I’m interested in the title, but I try to enjoy one weekend at a time.

In all this, Crutchlow said he’s rooting for Bezzecchi.
I’m glad, but I’d like some of the money.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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