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MotoGP, Alex Rins: "I'll try to race, but if the pain is too strong I'll stop"

"Just two days ago I was in hospital in Madrid, I need to understand how my leg will react. I did a test in Aragon on a road bike, it hurt a lot"

MotoGP: Alex Rins: "I'll try to race, but if the pain is too strong I'll stop"


The Motegi GP has already brought some good news: the return of Alex Rins. The LCR team rider was seriously injured in the Mugello sprint race, fracturing his tibia and fibula. After 4 months he is ready to try and race and the doctors gave him the green light this morning.

“Two days ago I was in hospital in Madrid, talking to the doctors and looking at the x-rays, but it was a huge difference compared to one month ago - says the Spaniard - So we decided to continue the steps, and the next one is to jump on a MotoGP bike. The main target is to just see if it’s painful or not. If it’s super painful, I will have to stop and continue my recovery.”

What is your condition now?

“At home, I can walk more or less normally. But at 300km/h, it’s much different. When I tried the last time in Aragon, it was painful in the changes of direction and the right-hand corners, but maybe it was too aggressive. It’s been a month since that test.”

Were you able to train as you wanted?

"I had lost all my muscles, now I'm more or less in good shape, but for training in the gym, not for riding a motorbike. I haven't ridden a MotoGP bike for a long time, but in the last two or three weeks I've been able to train normally. Apart from physical preparation, I did physiotherapy every day and used a machine that helped me consolidate the bone. The tests showed that there is calcification, it is solid now."

Why the last minute decision to return?

“I wanted to get some feedback from my leg. Doctors also asked me this question and I replied that I want to hear what happens on a MotoGP bike. Unfortunately to do it I had to come to Japan and tomorrow I will feel jet lag (laughs), but better to try here than in Indonesia. I spent many days at home."

Are you considering stopping?

“It might happen, if the pain is too strong I might not continue. It's a test for my leg. This is a step in my rehabilitation process. I want to understand the difference between riding a street motorcycle and a MotoGP bike. After the accident, my first time on the track was with a very small motorbike and the pain was terrible, I hadn't been able to do more than 10 laps on a kart track. Then, on a road motorbike, I did 20".


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