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MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco India, Pernat: “Bagnaia’s mistake, Bezzecchi is king of the circuit”

VIDEO - Carlo Pernat’s comments on the Misano race weekend accompanied, as usual, by a good bottle of Prosecco Doc

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The Indian GP saw Marco Bezzecchi triumph over his opponents with a stratospheric margin of 9 seconds. Bagnaia’s mistake was fatal, and his margin in the standings narrowed by +13 from his main opponent, Jorge Martin. The Spanish rider, after dominating in the Sprint race, tried an encore in the race but gave way to the VR46 team’s Italian rider, unbeatable over long distances. He took the bike to the finish line and gave in to the suffocating heat, but not before having battled it our with Quartararo’s M1, who has demonstrated his talent. Marc Marquez also did well, but he slipped in mid race and lost the opportunity to have a repeat performance on the podium after his success in the Sprint Race. Overall, the Buddh International smoothed out the technical differences among the bikes and showcased the talent of each rider.

Carlo Pernat’s comment on the race weekend:

The Indian GP shook up the entire championship. Bagnaia’s season seemed to be over at 80%, but his bad accident reopened the race for the title. Martin heroically finished the race. Exhausted, he couldn’t even get on the podium. Bezzecchi was unattainable. He won the race by a margin of nine seconds. A historic feat never seen in the MotoGP. He was faset even during the sprint. If it hadn’t been for Marini’s fall, he could’ve won there too. His comeback was incredible. Bezzecchi clearly earned the crown for the Indian GP. It was a unique GP, in which the riders had never raced nor even tested, unlike in Qatar where the riders had the opportunity to test the track with standard motorcycles. At the time, it was the right decision to avoid any risk, but this wasn’t the case, and the technical gap between the bikes was consequently smaller. With no technical data available, the raw talent of the riders emerged. Marc Marquez reached a third place in the sprint and could’ve repeated himself in the race if he hadn’t fallen. Similarly, Quartararo finished the race with a well-deserved third place. Among the other riders, Morbidelli and Mir, with his fifth place, also deserve praise. This circuit has shown us that, without data, a rider can still make a difference. In any case, Ducati has gotten us used to always riding at the top, which is good for the constructor. However, this starts a slight disagreement with the satellite teams because, at the end of the year, the sponsors are always important. Overall, this was a fun GP, with lots of fans and a sweltering heat, but all of these aspects will be relevant in lieu of next year’s GP.”



Translated by Leila Myftija

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