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MotoGP, Indian Grand Prix: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Nirvana is not for everyone: Bezzecchi and Martin share the victories, Bagnaia makes mistakes, and the Japanese bikes find that they are competitive again

MotoGP: Indian Grand Prix: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


A hot and colourful Grand Prix, like the spices of India. In MotoGP, Ducati red always goes well with everything, but this time we also saw a bit of Yamaha blue and Honda orange to break up the monotony. Not regarding the victory, we know, with Martin doing a Bezzecchi on Saturday and Bezzecchi doing a Martin on Sunday. Bagnaia, on the other hand, played Pecco, the one who makes mistakes, not the one who wins. An excellent move to reopen the World Championship, but perhaps that wasn't the intention.

THE GOOD – The second one was good. For the collision on Saturday, he didn’t have to fill out a direct indemnity form, but on the other hand on Sunday Marco Bezzecchi decided to stay out of trouble and take a picnic among the curves of India. He was in a hurry to reach the goal, even if he then had to wait for the others. A victory that made it seem easy, like drinking a well-deserved glass of prosecco upon arrival.

THE BAD – Dorna managed to wake up the riders from their torpor as they left the pits to climb onto the barricades. After years of agreement, they discovered that sometimes a 'no' is the best answer. They all seem united to assert their rights because you don't mess around with safety. If they prevail, it will be the most important victory for them.

THE UGLY – Four riders in the infirmary for Motegi. Rins and Bastianini, joined by Alex Marquez and Marini, could organize a collective vision of the Japanese GP in the hospital aisles. When FIM president Viegas argued that the start was the most spectacular moment of the race, he forgot to add that it is for the traumatology specialists.

DISAPPOINTMENT – Aprilia's clear-cut problem is homesickness. It's the only way to explain why at the end of the season, once they leave Europe, nothing goes right anymore. To boost the morale of the RS-GP, something more than a video call will be needed, however.

CONFIRMATION – While waiting to see what place he will take in MotoGP, Pedro Acosta has decided to monopolize the highest place on the podium in Moto2. The promotion is already in his pocket, in the meantime he is doing his homework perfectly to take home the title.

MISTAKE – Pecco is not Bagnaia's only opponent, but he is the most dangerous. In fact, he has already defeated him 5 times this year, like his number of crashes in the races. Such perseverance makes even the king of the underworld envious, better listen to the little angel from here on out.

SURPRISE – You must go all the way to India to see the Japanese bikes on the podium again. Marquez, Quartararo and Mir may not have reached Nirvana, but these days a few points are enough to make them touch the sky. Rather than concessions, a calendar with only brand-new tracks is needed.

PASS - Martin's pass on Quartararo at the last minute after an error, with the last bit of energy left. Then Jorge collapsed, but when the chequered flag was behind him.

CURIOSITY – A few numbers for Ducati: Bezzecchi gave them their 80th victory in MotoGP, the 10th this season alone. There has been at least one red bike on the podium for 39 consecutive GPs.

I TOLD YOU SO – Bagnaia on Saturday: "must stop losing more points". We value his intention, much less the execution.


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