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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: “My goal for the race? Get through the first corner, safe and sound”

“If I’m not even sure about the pole, where do I have to start from? The Sprint result wasn’t what I wanted. I hope I was entertaining, at least.”

MotoGP: Bezzecchi: “My goal for the race? Get through the first corner, safe and sound”


Marco Bezzecchi didn’t reach the podium, but he was the undisputed star of the Sprint Race in India. He started from the pole position and had a  pace that could’ve gotten him a win, but Marini’s accident at the first corner forced him to make a furious comeback. From 17th to 5th in just 11 laps, achieving the fastest lap of the race four times, even on the last lap. “In the end, the result was not what I wanted, but I hope that everyone had fun at least,” the VR46 rider said smiling.

Sometimes, the important thing is to try to see the glass half full: “It was a positive day. I got the pole position, and it’ll also be valid for tomorrow. Let’s not see everything negatively. Logically, I expected more from the sprint, but that’s how it went.”

His pace was enough to give Martin a hard time. All the riders that Marco passed discovered it at their expense.

The disappointment of the moment helped me, but I was stronger in braking and broke away as late as possible. That was the biggest difference,” he explained, talking about his comeback. “In traction, I was similar to the others. The grip was what it was, but I could gain many meters with the most demanding braking. I felt good with the bike, and I didn’t have to manage anything, neither tires nor power.”

At one point, everyone even thought the podium was within his reach.

In the end, I didn’t lose so many points. I couldn’t do more. Maybe, if they hadn’t shortened the race by one lap, I could’ve done even better. I would’ve definitely tried to overtake Binder too,” he stated.

He’ll get his chance for revenge tomorrow.

My your goal? I hope to pass the first corner without any problem. It’s been three races that someone has caught up with me,” he downplayed the situation. “I didn't expect what happened today to happen because I started from the front row. But if I’m not safe there either, where am I supposed to start? Too bad. I’m sure no one wants to make a mistake. It just happened that way,”

Speaking of starting, the new system that Bagnaia and Martin have on their official Ducatis seems to add something extra.

I’ve never tried it but, from what I could see from the outside, they have an advantage. I didn’t start out badly. I had a good reaction time, but they overtook me. They also have more experience with this clutch that’s very difficult to handle. I don’t want to say that it’s only the bike’s fault, but they start very fast,” Marco concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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