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SBK, Petrucci: “I’m worried, after two laps, the Ducati isn’t the same”

“I still don’t understand why they cut laps, when the only one who benefits is Bautista. A new contract? I thought I was going to quit mid season, then everything changed after Misano. I found an easy, familiar environment  in the SBK.”

SBK: Petrucci: “I’m worried, after two laps, the Ducati isn’t the same”


Danilo Petrucci’s Ducati shines in third place at the end of Friday in Aragon. A certainly encouraging start for the Barni rider who was able to keep close to the upper echelons of the class. But the challenge was only at the beginning, and the Danilo is aware that there are many aspects to be evaluated.

All in all, this Friday’s result is positive,” he said. “But making the right tire choice tomorrow will be essential, because tires get really worn here and, after two laps, the bike is no longer the same. That’s why I’m worried, and we’ll have to manage that. I have good feelings on the flying lap, but the problem remains the race pace, since it’s a big question at the moment. Unfortunately, I wear out tires more than others, and I don’t know why.

In all this, he’s asked about the cut in revs.
I still don’t understand why this thing conditions all the riders, since the only one who benefits from it is Alvaro. At Magny-Cours, just to give an example, I couldn’t get past Locatelli. Unfortunately, this is the situation, and there’s not much we can do.

Meanwhile, Danilo talks about Saturday.
Obviously, the goal is to get on the podium, since we were unlucky at Magny-Cours. We’re in a good position here, although we’ll have to try to be in the first two rows at the start of the race.”

Finally he ends with the contract renewal.
"I'm happy to be here in the SBK, because I found so many nice people in this paddock. I love the contact with people and the atmosphere. It was difficult to adapt to the bike and the tires in the beginning. In fact, I wasn’t convinced I’d continue. I thought I’d stop. But, after Misano, I gained confidence with the bike and the whole team. Ducati has helped a lot, and I’m very excited to continue with Barni. With an extra year of experience, we can fight to do well, and try to be among the top independents.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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