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MotoGP, Pecco Bagnaia: "Today following Martin was too much for me"

"I struggle with braking, which was my strong point. It will be important not to lose any more points, we know what the problem is and I'm sure my team will solve it"

MotoGP: Pecco Bagnaia: "Today following Martin was too much for me"


Pecco Bagnaia is under attack and Jorge Martin is doing everything he can to catch him in the standings with wins. In the sprint race in India, the world champion once again had to surrender to the Spaniard and give him 3 more points. Moreover, the weekend did not start in the best possible way and Pecco and his team were unable to resolve all their problems in time for the short race.

“Second place is the best result I could hope for, in fact yesterday I would have said that I would have struggled more - the rider from Chivasso candidly admitted - Today following Martin was too much for me”.

Physically he's not 100% yet, but that's not the problem.

“My bike is nervous when braking, I suffer from chattering at the rear, and I struggle to exploit what is usually my strong point - he explained - Today Jorge made the difference in braking, I took a step forward this morning and I must continue like this. I'm happy because this time too we're managing to find the right balance and I was lucky that Bezzecchi went out at the first corner, otherwise I probably would have finished 3rd."

Bagnaia knew that Jorge and Marco had something extra, but he didn’t want to give up. Especially thinking about tomorrow's long race.

“It's clear that now they are more competitive, especially in braking - he reiterated - But this morning I did a good job with the medium tyre for tomorrow's race, I felt good and had a good pace. Of course, if Martin and Bezzecchi chose the soft, it would be a gamble to race with the medium, but I'm calm, I think we can solve our problems for tomorrow."

At this moment, serenity is essential, because panicking would only end up making the situation worse.

“What helps me is that I am tranquil in my work - said Pecco - Having many races in rapid succession requires you to find a basic setup that works well, otherwise it’s double the effort. After this, we will go to tracks that I really like, but first let's think about tomorrow. The important thing will be not to lose any more points, as happened at Barcelona. We have to work to stay ahead."

And catch up with Martin again.

“In the last 2 Grands Prix he has started to brake hard, normally he wasn't one of the best in that area - observed the world champion - If I lift off at the same point as him, I go wide. Maybe there's something we didn't understand from the data, but I know how good my team is. I don't think the problem comes from the stiffer casing of the rear tyre; I usually like that. Something isn't working perfectly, and we need to improve."

There is one night to do it…

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