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MotoGP, Marquez says he will decide on his future “also to find the best solution for Honda”

The eight-time world champion returned to the podium in the Sprint Race in India, but his mind is on 2024: “With Honda HRC, we have been working a lot since Mugello, and in Austria again. Together we are trying to find the best solution for the project and for my future"

MotoGP: Marquez says he will decide on his future “also to find the best solution for Honda”


At least for this Saturday, Marc Marquez was able to put to rest the problems that have marked his season so far. Repeating what he did in Portugal at the start of the championship, the rider from Cervera returned to the podium, finishing third in the mini race on the Buddh circuit in India.

“It was a good race,” he said, then admitting that he was helped by the incident at the start - It’s true that also I took profit, or I was in a good position, after the first corner because by Marini’s fault Bezzecchi was out and I knew Binder was starting from behind.”

The many crashes he has accumulated in recent years have perhaps taught him not to constantly get into trouble, but on this occasion the 30-year-old wanted to give it his all. In the last five laps I took a massive risk. I was riding like qualifying practice, pushing the front a lot. It was a bit like Le Mans, and there it’s more difficult to control yourself. When I finished the race, it was a very big chance to crash but I said ‘ok, it doesn’t matter because if you have the podium there…’ But it was a good today, tomorrow will be more difficult. But here in this track, not only me – Joan is riding in a good way. Usually with these tyres I would have struggled, but I was able to adapt my riding style - he explained - In the GP I will have to pay attention to the wear of the rear tyre as it is high. Although I didn't suffer at the end today, I noticed that especially in the centre there is a lot of deterioration. Over the distance it will be tough. I lose a lot at turns 8 and 9. It's our weak point, but otherwise we are competitive", he added optimistically, before opening the chapter on what he will do in the next World Championship will do. Then he responded to Pedrosa's congratulations.

"I learned more things behind you in two laps at Misano than here in the race - he admitted, then added - I always adapt very quickly to new circuits, as I did in Austin and Argentina. I reach the limit quickly, but then stay there. Here I had more doubts, it’s even more important for me because with this harder rear casing, I struggle a lot with my riding style, it makes me suffer a lot, because I can't brake well, and I can't slide the bike with both tyres. In some points I'm going too much at the limit, I know, especially in the left turns, the 5 and the 10. It's better not to think about it, but tomorrow I'll have to go a little less there."

Then he answered yet another question about his future.

"Nobody is inside my head. I said already at the Misano test that only one, two or three people around me know what I’m thinking. So, I’m very clever and I know what I need, and I know what I want. I’m looking for the best for everybody, not only for me. We are a team and when you are a team you are not alone. This big important decision, you cannot make it from one day to the other,” he depicted the current situation, glossing over declarations of Ducati, which is decidedly open to his joining Gresini Racing. “With Honda HRC, we have been working a lot since Mugello. In Mugello already we had a very nice meeting – important, but nice. In Austria again, important but nice. So, we are trying to build the project, to find the best solution for the project and the future, for Honda’s future, for my future, to try to be better. This is the main target.”

Finally, a thought for his brother Alex, who crashed in Q1. "He broke three ribs and I know it's very painful. When you take a risk, it can happen. I believe that between today and tomorrow he will return home ahead of Mandalika. It's a shame because he was among the best."


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