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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "I shared a room with Martin in Moto3, it will be a fair fight"

"I'm happy that Morbidelli is joining Ducati, he deserved it. I like the Buddh Circuit, even if some run-off areas seem a bit small to me. Physically I'm not yet 100%, but much better than at Misano"

MotoGP: Bagnaia: "I shared a room with Martin in Moto3, it will be a fair fight"


Bagnaia is showing off a big smile in India and wants to joke: "luckily I didn't have any problems with the visa, it's the first win of the weekend". Having escaped the danger of being stuck at the airport, Pecco was also able to take a first look at the Buddh Circuit and get an idea of the track.

“I did 2 laps on foot, and it has an interesting layout, it's beautiful and different from the other trackswas his comment - It will be interesting to go around tomorrow and have a look at the run-offs, some seem a bit small to me. I went around with the members of the Race Direction, and they tried to explain everything to me, it seems ok to me."

An unknown track to face is not just the only problem for the world champion, who still carries some repercussions from the accident in Barcelona.

“The Monday after the Misano race was a tough day, I felt tired - he explained - I worked a lot to get here at 100%, even if I don't know it yet, some things need time to heal. However, I am in much better condition than in Misano."

He will need all his energy to keep up with Jorge Martin, who thanks to the two wins in the San Marino GP has moved to just 36 points behind Bagnaia. The two know each other well since their Moto3 days.

“In the Aspar team we had a strange relationship because we shared the same room, we challenged each other on the PlayStation in the evening - recalled Pecco - I think our relationship is based on respect and that is the most important thing. We know each other's potential and it will always be a fair battle between us."

Speaking of the time in Moto3, there is a curiosity: the top 4 riders in the ranking all raced with Mahindra and achieved the first podium on the Indian bike.

“I have good memories of that period - said Pecco - It's something incredible that all the riders who went through there then went on to win a title or fight to do so, it was a great school. That bike had excellent handling, but it lacked power and put you in the situation of having to give your all every time. I'm proud to have been part of that family, I found the best team to grow in Moto3."

For the championship it seems that it will be a battle between Ducatis, with Bagnaia having to deal with Martin and Bezzecchi. Another rival in red could come next year with Morbidelli who will be in the Pramac team: a rider who Pecco knows very well, both being part of the VR46.

“I'm happy that Franco is coming to Ducati because he deserved it - said the world champion - In Yamaha he didn't find himself in the best situation: in 2021 he came back from an injury, he switched from a very old bike to the new bike, he changed crew chief, but everyone knows his potential. Now we will be able to compare with each other and it will be interesting, like in training, because we will have the same bike."


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