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MotoGP, Marc Marquez: "The beast in me has been held back by the blows from crashing"

“Before I took too many risks, now my mentality is to be tenth without crashing. I told Alex to take a risk and go to Gresini, but our situations are not comparable: for him it was the only option"

MotoGP: Marc Marquez: "The beast in me has been held back by the blows from crashing"


"The beast in me has been held back by the blows from crashing", was how Marc Marquez described his situation in an interview granted to DAZN, summarizing with a metaphor what has become his more conservative approach to racing, in this second half of the season.

“How do you tame a beast? If it's a wild beast, maybe you can try it with blows. They tamed me with blows. A bone, another bone, the rib… You have to pay attention to what's going on and this is where you have to use your experience and be smart. I was doing something wrong and what I was doing wrong was that I was taking too many risks - stated the Honda rider - I crashed in all the races where I was third, fourth, fifth. You can be tenth and not crash. It's true that people say that this is not my mentality but now it is like this, because you can't start building a house from the roof".

The Catalan is trying to put on a brave face, hoping to see encouraging signs in view of 2024 in the next tests at Misano. In the meantime, however, the market transfer rumours continue to circulate, with the name of the eight-time world champion being repeatedly linked to KTM and Ducati. Precisely the two manufacturers that took on board Pol Espargaró and his brother Alex after their separation from the Japanese manufacturer. Allowing both to find a smile, competitiveness and motivation again after the difficulties experienced on the RC213V.

“In the Sprint Race in Austria I was pushing to see if I could catch anyone. Further ahead, in front of me, were Pol and Alex and they both took off - said the eldest of the Marquez - They are two riders who were with Honda last year and whom I was in front of most of the times. Obviously, 1000 things go through your head, both about one bike and about the other”.

Marc: "Gresini was the only option for Alex, my situation is different"

Speaking more specifically of his brother's regeneration, Marc admitted that he had pushed him towards the Gresini team, with which he has already achieved third place and a Sprint victory.

“Last year he struggled to find a place in MotoGP. I asked him if he was motivated to continue, he answered yes and then I said to him: 'Risk. Invest in your racing career. Take this step,'" said the Catalan, who was keen to underline how Alex's situation is more similar to Fernando Alonso's than his.

“For him it was the only option. He could have done it, trying the Superbike route or going back to Moto2 was not an option. Now he is in the top five in every race, but it is the same as last year. It's like Fernando Alonso in Formula 1. He's the same, but the cars have evolved - explained the 30-year-old - My situation and his are not comparable. He only had that option, which he is making the most of, because he only had a one-year contract, while I have a contract and I don't have just one option, but several."


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