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SBK, Pirro: "Petrucci is a real madman, it's the weight that lets us down"

"Michele and I have a lot of things in common, they often mistake me for him" Petrux joked. "We're both bulky - replied the rider from Apulia - For me he's a benchmark, if he were to stop it would mean that I'm old too"

SBK, Pirro: "Petrucci is a real madman, it's the weight that lets us down"
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The two Barni Racing team riders, Danilo Petrucci and Michele Pirro, could not fail to be present at Maroil-Bardahl's half-century celebration, and they lent themselves to a video interview with our very own Riccardo Guglielmetti.

Teammates and longtime friends, the two men from Terni and San Giovanni Rotondo have several things in common. “The first thing that distinguishes us is our build. The only challenge we have is that we weigh too much. We're bulky for today's bikes”, joked Michele. “Now I'm no longer in the Police, but once we were colleagues. We have many anecdotes to tell - added Danilo - We have experienced various things together. We shared our debut in MotoGP with the CRTs, which seemed to come from another era, then every year in Ducati. Now Barni. We have a lot of things in common. Then, I don't know if it happens to him too, but they often mistake me for Pirro”.

If weight and height unite them from a physical point of view, from a more purely sporting point of view, the two riders of the Barni team are linked by Ducati and by a long career behind them, destined to last much longer. At least in the case of Danilo, who has definitively abandoned any idea of retirement, which he had begun to think about after the first races in the Superbike World Championship.

"Danilo is a benchmark for me, if he stops it means that I'm old too," commented Pirro. “At the beginning of the year I thought about it. I thought maybe I had really lost the touch and speed that I used to have. Instead, when I had almost given up, at Misano I got into the top five and we managed to score three podiums in the last few races. So, I'm confident for the last part of the season, which starts on Sunday" replied Danilo, ready to leave for Magny-Cours, where the first Superbike round will take place after the summer break.

It’s an appointment that clashes with the GP of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera in which the Ducati test rider will instead take part as a wildcard. Before returning to the seat of the Desmosedici GP of the Ducati Lenovo team, to replace the injured Enea Bastianini.

“In an ideal world, it would be nice for the fans to have a MotoGP race on one Sunday and an SBK race on another, so you can watch them. The next races, on the other hand, will all be clashes until the end of the year, so I'll let Michele go to India and Japan", commented Petrux. "We hope there will be a circuit in India, because that is a big question" replied the 37-year-old, analyzing the situation in view of the second and final part of the MotoGP season: "First of all, we must hope that Pecco is well and can continue what he is doing good. Bastianini has to recover and we know it will take a month. Then the other Ducatis are still competitive. Barcelona was Aprilia land, so let's try to dispel this taboo at Misano, because we have to go back to being protagonists. Strange that there is a clash with SBK in France, it's unusual. For the fans it will be a Sunday where there will be no boredom”.

Close but far away, the two riders might decide one day to embark on a shared adventure such as competing in the Dakar astride the Ducati DesertX.

“I'd like to see the first off-road Ducati,” admitted Petrucci. “With the bike we have now, I see a bit of a problem doing the Dakar, maybe in 2026 - Pirro pointed out - I had the opportunity to go around a bit in the desert and I can say that he's a real madman. We don’t have all our marbles in place, but to do the Dakar and win a stage, you have to be crazy. I have so much respect for him."


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