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MotoGP, Marini: “Pramac was a possibility, I’m on the market like the other riders”

“I haven’t signed yet. I’m looking for the best solution. Having the factory bike was worse for me last year. Vale and the Academy? There was a bit of a conflict of interest in the past. The situation is better now.”   

MotoGP: Marini: “Pramac was a possibility, I’m on the market like the other riders”


Luca Marini is going to Barcelona with the desire to confirm the good results he got in Austria. At Mooney, they’re talking about the race as well as the market, since yesterday the extension of Marco Bezzecchi’s contract was announced.

Marini tried to take stock of the situation and explained it in detail.

We worked well in Austria, finding something more on the bike, even if I’m still missing something,” he began. “We have a tough challenge ahead of us this weekend, because Barcelona won’t be a simple race, thanks to the weather. Besides this, I’d add that Aprilia and KTM will have something more, considering that it’s been a while since their last success in Catalonia.

Marini explained what it’ll take.
We need to improve on all parts of the track, especially rear tire management, so that we have more confidence on the front for braking. I remember I had a small fairing last year, and I suffered a lot on the straight. It should be easier now.”

Besides the track, there’s also the market.
I haven’t signed yet, but we’re talking about reaching an agreement. Every time, it seems as if my future has already been decided but, in the end, I’m a rider like everyone else, on the market. What I can say is that the team and I want the same thing, which is to have good races and get a victory. We’re still talking about finding the right agreement for 2024.”

What’s certain is that Bezzecchi will remain in Mooney.
It’s important for me to have a fast rider in the team, so we keep the bar high. The factory bike? It was worse for me to have the official bike last year, because I had a lot of people around me, while now I only have two. With so many people, it becomes difficult and, in some cases, it’s good to stay with your group, that you know well, without having to change so much.”

Marini then added.
This year, the riders who changed, then ended up suffering. I don’t think it’s time for me to change.”

Luca definitely has lots of options.
Pramac was one of the possibilities. I certainly talked about it with Vale and Ducati. In the end, each of us wants to fight for the podium and seek the right compromise to enhance our potential. The fact is that Vale is also the owner of the team, and he pushes for me to stay on the team.”

Obviously, all this also falls on the question related to the Academy.
It was worse in the past. Now the situation is better. In the past, when you wanted to say something confidential, there were some conflicts of interest. But now everything has changed, and it’s different.” 

Translated by Leila Myftija

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