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MotoGP, Ezpeleta says that Honda and Yamaha will have concessions, even without unanimity

The Dorna boss: "I prefer to convince people, but the Japanese manufacturers were generous in granting benefits to the brands entering MotoGP. There is no fifth bike for KTM and won’t be"

MotoGP: Ezpeleta says that Honda and Yamaha will have concessions, even without unanimity


Carmelo Ezpeleta spoke yesterday at the presentation of the Catalan Grand Prix, which will take place this weekend in Barcelona. Of course, the Dorna boss didn't just talk about the race, but he also answered many questions about the future of MotoGP.

One of the hot topics of recent months is the crisis that Japanese manufacturers are going through, so much so that there is talk of helping them in some way.

"There will be some changes - assured the Spanish manager, as reported by Marca - The issue of concessions was something that was done when Ducati weren’t winning, and Yamaha and Honda had been generous in giving the brands that entered some benefits. We will try to do the same for next year. It's not that there will be concessions for Yamaha and Honda, but a system of concessions more suited to the reality of the results now. It's about being competitive. From a moral point of view, those who agreed to concessions at the time are those who now, in theory, need them the most”.

However, there is a hurdle to face: in theory, the unanimity of all the manufacturers is needed to modify the regulations in progress. As mentioned, this is just in theory.

"If it won't be possible to do it unanimously... then we'll have to think of a majority – was Ezpeleta's solution - But I prefer to convince people".

Desperate times call for desperate measures. After all, Don Carmelo has a line to follow for ‘his’ championship and seems adamant. As in the case of KTM, which unsuccessfully asked Dorna to have six bikes on the track in 2024, or at least five, to sort out the situation of Acosta. The answer was clear.

"Let's be clear: there has never been a fifth bike for KTM and there won't be - the CEO reiterated - I don't know where you get that idea from because I have answered everyone who asked me: 'There won't be other bikes because the system that is there works very well. Independent teams have rights and a value that they wouldn't have if you gave a motorbike to everyone who arrives. We want 22 bikes on the grid, not 24".

A new feature for next year, if anything, will be to increase the number of wild cards available, now set at three per year.

"There is no doubt, we will do it - said Ezpeleta - They will be for everyone".


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