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MotoGP, Marquez: "I'll test the new Honda at Misano, but I must also work on myself"

“I used good words to KTM because they have done a great development job with the bike, aggressive in their choice of mechanics and engineers. For us, the situation is critical, we must understand how to work and possibly copy from Ducati, Aprilia and KTM"

MotoGP: Marquez: "I'll test the new Honda at Misano, but I must also work on myself"


At the Red Bull Ring everyone is talking about motorcycles and the rider market. The negotiations are in fact in the crucial phase and among the names on the table there is also that of Marc Marquez, whose contract with Honda expires at the end of 2024. The Spanish rider arrives in Austria with the aim of changing direction.

“Here I've never won, and I don't think this could be the right year to do it – he began jokingly – I'll put my head down and work, trying to take one step at a time to then figure out where I'll be. As you know, I've adopted a different way of approaching the races and I think it's quite simple to understand, given the many injuries suffered recently. At Silverstone my target was to finish without a crash but unfortunately, in a race incident, I crashed on Sunday. Most importantly I rebuilt my confidence. This is the target again here.”

It's certainly not an easy time at Honda, but in recent weeks the president of the Japanese manufacturer wanted to reassure everyone by sending an important signal of a relaunch.

“It’s important, the first step is to have the commitment. I believe that Honda have always had the same commitment. Everybody must understand the situation is critical and we must change something together.  They will invest more money and bring in more engineers. But as a rider we only evaluate on the track, not in the office or with the technicians.”

Marc was then asked what he thought of the issue of slipstreaming.

“As far as suction is concerned, the situation is much more critical with wings, and it also depends on which bike you use. Even before that there was the suction of the slipstream, but it was less. In the end, however, this is today's MotoGP, and we have to adapt."

The fact is that on the rider market front, Marquez's name has been associated with KTM several times.

“All the manufacturers have the same ambition, which is to do their best to get the best result. I'm not an engineer, but KTM has proved to be very good at developing the bike, proving to be  aggressive in choosing mechanics and engineers. This is the European style and I used good words towards them because they are doing well. I think it's fair to recognize the step by KTM, especially for the way they have moved. KTM has made a great evolution like Ducati and Aprilia. We must work to understand what they did best, trying to copy and improve”.

Another of the various subjects talked about was an exchange of comments on social networks with Quartararo.

“I didn't attack Honda, but I simply responded to Quartararo. He provoked me saying that I had fantastic grip and I told him to tell me about his speed. It was just a joke, since I have a very good relationship with him”

There was also time for a consideration regarding the performance of his brother Alex, regenerated since he has been in Ducati with Gresini.

“I expected him to be fast, he is a double world champion. In MotoGP there aren't many riders who have won two world titles. He was lucky to find a team like Gresini and I knew from Valencia that he would be competitive."

Finally, still speaking of the market, everyone is looking ahead to 2025, given that Marc's contract will expire at the end of next year.

“You are talking about 2025? The rumours for 2024 still haven’t finished! Every week there is a different rumour! So don’t start with 2025, please! ​​​​​​Joking aside, in Misano the new bike will arrive. It’s important to understand the level of the bike, and my level. I am pushing myself, so I need to understand my level and how I feel. Now in the second part of 2023, I need to work on myself, to improve my level, to avoid the mistakes of this first part. Then we will have time to think about the future.”


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