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Franco Morbidelli: "MotoGP is fierce, Marc Marquez is an example"

"Just lose a little confidence and you'll find yourself at the bottom. We're working for my future; I want to give myself another chance to win the MotoGP title"

MotoGP: Franco Morbidelli: "MotoGP is fierce, Marc Marquez is an example"


Franco Morbidelli is looking for his direction. On the Yamaha, to finish this season in the best possible way, but also for his future. Ducati is a concrete option, but right now Franky is still standing at the window looking for sort out his future.

“We're working to make sure that I'm able to race next year, and maybe even the ones after - he explained on the eve of the GP at the Red Bull Ring - I'm sure I can still give a lot to myself, to the team I'm racing for, to my friends and my family. I want to give myself other chances to fight for the world championship, it's the thing I want most in this moment of my life. We are continuing in this way, VR46 and Gianluca (Falcioni, the manager of Valentino Rossi's structure, ed.) are helping me a lot, then we'll see where I go".

When asked if he feels a little worried, he bursts out laughing: “I'm always optimistic… I remind you that I'm half Brazilian!”.

His mood - at least apparently - is good. Morbidelli knows he has some cards to play, but not good enough to lead the game. So, he is waiting and doesn't rule out any possibility. Not even that of a sabbatical year: “everything is possible. Marquez did 3 races a year and is still in MotoGP, there are some examples". However, the possibility of him going to SBK, as Yamaha would have liked, looks rather remote as it was given the thumbs down.

For sure, it's incredible that a rider who fought for the MotoGP title just 3 years ago is now looking for a ride. One could say that he is in good company, if we consider the abyss into which Mir, who won that championship in 2020, has sunk.

"This is the beauty of sport, but above all of MotoGP - Morbidelli took it philosophically - We have seen that in recent years there has always been a lot of reshuffling of the cards, the values on the track change a lot, in my opinion the level is so high that when a little bit of confidence is missing, or some other little thing, then you go from being up there to a little bit down, or quite far down. There are many examples: me, Mir, Quartararo, Marquez. I am a world champion runner-up, but there are also world champions and multiple world champions who do this 'flip'. The reason? MotoGP is fierce”.

It's getting harder…

“The sport always goes on, technology increases, the tyres improve, there are front and rear lowering devices, certainly the category is much more competitive. Once the factory teams fought for all the victories, since the arrival of Michelin and the introduction of the single control unit there have been more and more different winners and from then on, the category has become more and more compact” was Franco’s thought.


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