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MotoGP, Silverstone GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Aleix Espargarò promoted on the field from captain to admiral. Bagnaia loses but extends his lead in the standings. Honda and Yamaha sisters in defeat

MotoGP: Silverstone GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Green meadows, grey skies and wet asphalt: Silverstone kept its reputation. Aprilia, on the other hand, improved it. I want and I can: Aleix Espargarò finds himself and remembers how to win, with Oliveira and Vinales supporting him. Bagnaia loses the battle but wins the war for the championship and the usual Binder keeps the KTM above the waterline.

Honda and Yamaha continue to try to convince us that misery loves company. Looking at the faces of their riders, it's hard to believe.

THE GOOD – They call him the captain, but at Silverstone the ranks of admiral were pinned on his leathers. In command of the Aprilia fleet, Aleix Espargarò charged ahead, beating the competition. An across-the-board triumph, with Oliveira and Vinales not far away. Having left Perfidious Albion and her seas behind, the Spaniard and his crew will now have to face the Austrian mountains to confirm that it was not a flash in the pan.

THE BAD – Morbidelli took advantage of the rain to get into Q2, then in the race he fought until the front tyre said goodbye. Quartararo started last and made a comeback, before transforming his M1 into a naked. The boys are committed, but Yamaha does not support them. All Franco needs to do is wait to find a Ducati; Fabio must hope that the Japanese engineers do their homework right for 2024.

THE UGLY – The new Marc Marquez takes fewer risks but finds himself on the ground in any case, the same as his morale. It’s hard to put the blame on him, but the champion turned tester is a paradox that not even a consummate philosopher can solve. A bad joke but the first one who has no desire to laugh is Marc.

DISAPPOINTMENT – For two GPs now, Tony Arbolino has forgotten who he is. Acosta has taken advantage of it, Tony has sunk into the middle of the group and also lost the lead in the championship. The crisp Austrian air will perhaps awaken him from his torpor.

CONFIRMATION – Bagnaia was annoyed by his 2nd place. It's acceptable when it's your worst result in the Sunday race (crashes aside). Another way of saying that the opponents change, but Pecco remains. There, at the top of the standings and on the podium. In the end there is nothing much to complain about.

ERROR – One crash a day: in FP1 on Friday, in Q2 on Saturday and in the race on Sunday. While the first two only left a few marks, the last one extinguished Marco Bezzecchi's dreams of glory. A lesson to remember.

SURPRISE – The first victory for Fermin Aldeguer, another Luca Boscoscuro discovery, arrived. The boy is young and fast, perhaps a little too impetuous at times. All he needs to do is find a pinch of balance and this success will not remain isolated for long.

PASS – One is the stuff of amateurs; you must reach at least double figures to make the headlines. Oliveira succeeded, going from 16th to 4th, the best result since he has been on an Aprilia. We give him our personal reward.

CURIOSITY - David Alonso is the first Colombian rider in history to win a Grand Prix. To make everything even more exciting, he managed it starting from last place. He most certainly has the taste for spectacle.

I TOLD YOU SO – Enea Bastianini after the summer break: "I want to get back to fighting for the podium". Maybe next time.


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