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MotoGP, Quartararo: "The Yamaha is still a bike, the others don't look like it anymore"

“I'm frustrated, because we're always in the same situation. Before, I was fighting for the World Championship, now instead to get a few points"

MotoGP: Quartararo: "The Yamaha is still a bike, the others don't look like it anymore"


This was in all respects a disaster or close to it. Fabio Quartararo concluded the sprint race on Saturday at Silverstone in 21st position. Thanks to a complicated qualifying, the Frenchman sank completely in the ten-lap heat and he makes no bones about it.

At the end of the race, the Yamaha rider showed his disappointment for a race well below expectations.

“It's a pity about qualifying – he said – I could have done better and been further ahead, but it went in the wrong direction. This morning  the conditions weren't easy at all, in fact it was very cold, so much so that this afternoon I raced in my undergear, which I didn't do in the past".

Fabio then spoke about his debacle in the race.

“To be honest, I don't know what we're missing. Last time in Argentina I managed to be fast while today it went differently and I don't understand why. We must carefully evaluate even if the problem is always the same. We lack rear grip, the bike slides, I'm struggling in terms of grip and corner speed. This is the general picture of my situation”.

Fabio talked about his M1 and the development work.

“Now the Yamaha is more of a European bike than a Japanese one. The fact is that if we struggle so much we are certainly doing something wrong. For tomorrow I'll make a completely different change, because my goal is to take a step forward by working above all on the front".

But it’s still Ducati that always sets the pace.

“Unlike our Yamaha, the others don't look like bikes and you can see that from the outside. In my opinion, however, it would be interesting to see from the inside what the difference is. I expect a similar bike at the Misano test but faster over one lap".

His disappointment is plain to see.

“Today I tried to work on the rear, using the engine brake, but unfortunately nothing happened. I haven't lost motivation, but I certainly feel frustrated. Before I was fighting for the World Championship but now just to get a few points. For sure Marc hasn't lost his ability after winning eight titles, but he is struggling ”.

Apparently Fabio seems to have to deal with the difficulties he had at the time of Moto2.

“In Moto2 it was always shit for me. I was never able to be competitive. MotoGP, however, is another thing completely".


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