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MotoGP, Marquez: “I don’t talk with KTM. I don't know anything about it"

“I don't think my manager has spoken to KTM and I don't even know. I'm not 100%, I only push when I need to and it's time. Now the priority is to find a solid base with Honda and I want to continue with them. I'll test the 2024 bike at Misano"

MotoGP: Marquez: “I don’t talk with KTM. I don't know anything about it"


The news of the day is that Marc Marquez did  not gain direct access into Q2. And it might rain on Saturday. It was a bit of an under par Friday for the Spanish rider who, as he said yesterday, showed up at Silverstone without the aim of taking any risks and exceeding the limits. The Honda rider will therefore have to go through Q1 tomorrow and then fight for the upper echelons of the grid. But first there is the rider market, because Pierer allegedly told Speedweek that Marc offered himself to KTM several times in recent months.

“I don’t talk with him – he replied - If my manager Jaime Martinez talked, I don’t know, I don’t have this information.”

The #93 cut short on the matter, preferring to concentrate on the track.

“I have the motivation to find the base – he said - If you don’t have a solid base, you cannot think about the future, you cannot build a good future. So, this was the target today, to ride smooth, to get the confidence on the bike again, try to not have any warnings, any crashes. Of course, I pushed, but if you see a bit I used only one tyre in the end because I didn’t feel like I could push. And if I don’t feel I can push, I don’t want to push, like in the test. So, today I didn’t feel it and I didn’t push. Also, I used three soft tyres today, so for tomorrow if it’s not raining, for the final practice I have a used front. My target doesn’t change if I start 13th or 18th.”

All eyes are therefore on Saturday with the unknown factor of the rain.

“Right now I don't care about the weather. If it rains we will try to understand what the confidence will be in the wet. We analysed the first part of the season - we started with one bike, then changed the chassis etc, and the problems were the same. So today we were riding with the Portimao bike, exactly the same bike, just to see where we are.”

Marc then tried to give a general picture of the situation regarding his approach.

“I am not 100%, especially I have some pain in the right abductor which appeared in the past month (due to a mistake during a training session on a bike, ed). I hoped not to show it, but you can see from my body language. As I said I'm working to find a solid base as a starting point. Obviously I hope to have new components, but the priority is to have a base to focus on. At the moment I push only when I need to and not all the time as maybe happened before ".

In addition to the challenge on the track, his future is also a talking point.

“Now, of course, if I’m here then my intention is to ride for Honda. We are working for the future. In the Misano test we will try the 2024 bike and then we will see more, we will understand more where we are. The good thing with Honda is we have a very good relationship and we are looking always for the best for the project. For the moment the best thing for the project is to find a base, like we were doing today, to try the new things and maybe the new aero package in Austria – we will see what the Japanese decide.”



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