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MotoGP, Tyre pressure penalties… but not for everyone: random checks at Silverstone

Only a sample of riders (it is not known how it will be decided) will be checked in the sprint race and in Sunday's race in the British Grand Prix

MotoGP: Tyre pressure penalties… but not for everyone: random checks at Silverstone


The rule that penalizes those who have too low tyre pressure during the race has just been announced and is already causing discussion. The riders were very controversial about its content ("finding yourself with very high front tyre pressure could be dangerous, you can't stop the bike" declared Bastianini), but its form also raises many doubts.

Dorna and the FIM have not issued an official press release, but written about the news only on the championship website. The problem is that they had 'forgotten' one point: the rule will be introduced at Silverstone, but it won't apply to everyone.

In fact, the teams have been informed that checks in the Silverstone Grand Prix will take place 'at random', without fully clarifying what is meant by this word. It is clear that these will be sample checks, but it has not been specified how the riders to be checked will be chosen, whether with a draw or if they will be decided deliberately by the Stewards or Race Direction. Clearly, this system makes riders and teams raise their eyebrows even more.

It cannot be excluded that the winner of the race could be over the limit without suffering repercussions and that those who instead arrive, for example, 15th would instead be penalized and all only by the will of fate. It therefore seems that the penalty system was introduced too early, when the technical one is not yet perfectly developed.

The riders have adapted for the moment, but it seems that they are not afraid to raise their voices if something doesn't work or - worse - still puts them in danger.

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