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SBK, Petrucci: "I'm fast, but I feel like I'm riding a bike that isn't mine"

"It's difficult to explain. The asphalt has grip but leaves you without warning. Most reminds me of the MotoAmerica tracks: it's old-fashioned, but the modern SBK bikes are getting heavier and faster"

SBK: Petrucci: "I'm fast, but I feel like I'm riding a bike that isn't mine"


The Most track represented a big question mark for Petrucci, in his debut on the Czech circuit, but if a good day starts in the morning, then the rider from Terni can be satisfied. His third quickest time (behind the Yamahas of Toprak and Gardner) and first of the Ducatis, with Rinaldi, Bassani and Bautista behind him. However, not all that glitters is gold, because Danilo still has some doubts to eliminate tomorrow.

“It didn't go badly, I'm quite surprised - the Barni team rider said with his usual sincerity - I had tested here with a road bike, but it was quite different than with a SBK and this morning I was a little worried about the weather. In the afternoon, I was able to ride a bit and the feelings were strange, even if the setup of my Ducati was the same as that of Imola and Donington, it was complicated. The asphalt has grip, but you can immediately lose grip without warning. I'm happy with the time, but not with the feelings on the bike: it's as if I were riding a bike that isn't mine, it's difficult to explain".

He has the speed, but the secret will be to put it to good use on the flying lap in qualifying.

“It's my weak point: I can't be as fast as the others with new tyres, they have something more than me on the first lap - admitted Petrucci - The tyres available this weekend, however, are two steps harder than usual and I have a small advantage. I did the same time 2 or 3 times, but I never did a perfect lap, so I can improve. The key to my weekend will be Superpole because at this track you need a good starting position; there aren't many spots to overtake."

Danilo then commented on the Most circuit from a safety point of view.

 “As I said, the asphalt is strange and there are quite a lot of bumps, but that's fine for me – was his opinion - We're at the limit in terms of size for SBK, it's a fairly slow circuit. Only in turn 12, which you do in third gear, is the run-off area not too wide and a rather dangerous point. It is a bit like a MotoAmerica track, with an old-school design, but for modern SBK it's small, and it will be difficult to overtake".

Then he was asked for a comparison with Imola.

“At Imola the asphalt was at its limit because it was very slippery, you just had to touch the white line and you were on the ground, as happened to Bautista. It happened to me too, but I was able to stay upright - he recalled - The run-off areas are similar in size, but the asphalt is better here. Imola would only need - so to speak - some resurfacing because it's a nice track to race on, the fact is that these bikes are getting heavier and faster and we need wider tracks and more run-off areas, it's part of the evolution ”.


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