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MotoGP, Bastianini: “A new season will start with Silverstone, I’m aiming for the podium”

A slip up precluded a potential top-10 position in Assen for Enea Bastianini, but he’s confident about the second half of the season: “It bugs me. I felt the sensations I had been missing for a long time. Now I know the bike better, and my approach will change.”

MotoGP: Bastianini: “A new season will start with Silverstone, I’m aiming for the podium”


A fall around mid race precluded Enea Bastianini from a likely top-10 position at the TT Circuit in Assen. Even if he was far from the positions he’s accustomed to, due to his physical condition (which isn’t yet optimal because of his injury at the start of the season in Portimão), the Lenovo Ducati Racing rider showed a hint of positivity for the first time since his return. However, reaching a result today, before his fall, would’ve helped boost his self-esteem.

I didn’t understand what happened. I was on the same trajectory with the same lean angle as the previous laps. We changed the set-up a bit on the rear, and I was feeling comfortable,” Bastianini explained. “During the first laps, in fact, I managed to recuperate several positions, and did some good overtaking. I finally felt I had found the sensations I was missing for a long time. I was doing well. Too bad for the fall at the end, which wasn’t destabilizing, but rather… a pain in the ass.”

The 2020 Moto2 World Champion is gradually raising the bar.
Winning wouldn't have been unlikely. My goal was to reach or at least get close to the top five. Analyzing in detail the pace of the riders up front, I don’t think it was an unattainable goal. We improved significantly compared to Mugello and the Sachsenring. We’re getting closer. On the eve of the weekend, I would’ve gone to any lengths for such a gap before bowing out in the race. The hard work is paying off, and I’m happy with that. Much less for the result. I have to understand why I ended up falling. I wanted to see it through so I could gain more confidence with the bike.”

The summer break comes at an opportune moment.
It’ll help me recuperate mental and physical energies, since I’ve always been forced to chase. I’m going to make sure I show up at the top of my game with a lot of physical therapy and the gym. I need time, but our technical package is successful. Bagnaia is proving it, thanks to his great speed and constancy.

In fact, from the next GP in Great Britain, a new season will begin for Bastianini.
Coming from another formation (Gresini Racing), until today, I’ve mainly tried to adapt to the team’s work method, as well as to the bike. Now I know what I can do and what direction to take with the GP23, since my 2022 set-up didn’t do well with this version. So, from August onward, my approach will change, starting from Silverstone, a track that I love, and where I’ve always been fast. I’ll be aiming for the podium. That would be a great boost of confidence.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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