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MotoGP, Fast By Prosecco Assen, Pernat: "Bagnaia and Ducati, another rubber stamp for the title"

VIDEO - Our very own Carlo Pernat comments on the Dutch Grand Prix: "I don't understand those who criticize Pecco, who is proving to be a great rider. Regarding the Acosta episode, we should remember that this is a world championship, it's not Spain against the rest of the world "

MotoGP, Fast By Prosecco Assen, Pernat: "Bagnaia and Ducati, another rubber stamp for the title"
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Bagnaia continues to win with a Ducati that seems to improve with each round of a world championship that is inexorably heading towards Borgo Panigale. Pecco's only rivals appear to be Bezzecchi and Martìn, who perhaps was slightly disappointing here in Holland. Fabio Quartararo put in a good performance in qualifying and in the Sprint Race, but then he crashed in the Grand Prix and was also hurt. Not to mention Marc Marquez, who perhaps really shouldn't have gone to Assen at all given the after-effects of his numerous crashes at Sachsenring.

This is our Carletto Pernat's comment on the Dutch Grand Prix, who gives us his view of things over a glass of Prosecco DOC and analyses the situation in detail, also recalling the controversial episode that characterized the Moto2 finale, with Acosta who perhaps deserved a penalty similar to that of Binder in MotoGP.

"Guys, what can I say about this hot Grand Prix, today it was 30 degrees in Assen. A race in which Bagnaia and Ducati rubber-stamped their passports for the world championship title. By now they have put so many stamps and there is nothing really to do, Pecco is a great rider, and I don't understand those who criticize him. He is very consistent. Bezzecchi also stood out very well as the present and future of Ducati.

The podiums are new as well, with Aprilia third and KTM fourth. It wasn’t really a Ducati party like at the Sachsenring, so I'd say that Aprilia and KTM had a good race, they weren't far apart. I'd say that in the end Martìn was a bit disappointing, maybe I expected something more. But KTM made this strategic move to use the soft and did it to try to stay close to the Ducatis, a move that was a bit of a joker card. Binder confirmed that he is a great rider, because arriving at the end of the race on that soft tyre, I must say he proved to be tough-skinned. For the rest, it's a pity about the crash of Bastianini who was having a good race, from seventeenth to eighth in the race, so he's back to normal. His championship will begin at Silverstone.

Then there were several crashes, a lot of nervousness. Poor Fabio Quartararo can't do anything more than what he is doing now, he had a half-disaster by crashing in front of Zarco and throwing the bike on himself. He has some elbow and ankle problems, but he has time to recover. Marquez clearly didn't race and for me he shouldn't even have come here. He did a few laps and still made some disasters, look at the one with Bastianini in qualifying. But in the end Marc will only have to work for development.

But let me tell you something that really puzzles me, and it concerns the finish of Binder and Aleix Espargarò. Brad went onto the green, cut through and was penalized by one position. But in Moto2 Acosta, despite all the photos that were shown, went onto the green and should have been penalized too. The result however is that they immediately put him on the podium, while Binder didn't even come close because they immediately told him that he was fourth. This is not a world championship, laws and regulations need to be respected. This is not Spain against the world, it's a world championship for everyone.

So, the regulations must all be respected. We were also told that no protests can be made about this type of episode. But give it a break, let's just ignore everything and it’s no joking matter. Let's make it a real world championship again because this is the most beautiful sport in the world!"


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