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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: "I'd like a factory bike next year, but staying in VR46"

"You must never stop dreaming about the title, but Pecco has something extra. I used to come to Assen to watch Vale, now I see the stands as a rider. I deserve a vacation! If I win the title, the next bet will be ..."

MotoGP: Bezzecchi:

Marco Bezzecchi leaves Holland with a respectable business card. After dominating all the sessions of the weekend, taking pole in qualifying, victory in the Sprint and second place today, the VR46 rider can face the well-deserved summer break with the smile of someone who knows he has given everything and obtained a lot. From a boy who came to cheer on Valentino dreaming of racing, to a mature rider fighting for victory, the Italian has come a long way. In the race, Bez didn't want to take any risks like Binder by mounting the soft on the rear, opting instead for a medium. It was a winning choice given the temperatures on the asphalt that reached 50°, and which allowed the Italian to place his Ducati in front of the South African's KTM, thus securing precious points over the Spaniard Martin, another contender for the title. The standings speak for themselves with Marco 36 points behind the leader, and the duel with his friend and rival Pecco Bagnaia is getting more and more incandescent.

"We must be satisfied with the work we did - explains Marco - we were in the lead in every session during this weekend, I took pole in qualifying, where I usually have some difficulties, then the victory in the sprint and today again on the podium. in the last part of the race, I got nervous due to some problems with the bike, I was worried about losing the podium. A second place is very important for me here in Assen".

A race, this one in Assen, made not easy by the temperatures, which, as often happens, put the efficiency of the tires to the test.

"While I was chasing Brad - continues Bezzecchi - I had many problems with the temperature of the front, but I didn't have the confidence to attack him immediately like Pecco did. So, I started to lose and regain ground on him for a few laps. until I decided to take the risk. I prepared to overtake at turn 5 and going out at turn 6 I was already in front, but then I started to feel vibrations at the rear. I wanted to chase Pecco by pushing harder, but I was cautious, and I couldn’t lean the bike as much as I wanted. Overall, I'm happy, I think I managed the race well."

In the sprint Bez dominated thanks to the soft tire at the rear, but in the long race the choice fell on a medium tire. A choice that certainly partly influenced his performance today.

"We didn’t revolutionize the setup of the bike compared to Saturday; it was already very performing. The choice of tire, however, remained in the balance until the last minute. My sensations with the soft tire were better throughout the weekend, but in the end I didn't I felt comfortable risking screwing up all the work and everything we had achieved up to that point. I rode adapting to the different sensations of the bike, it wasn't easy, but I expected it, the fact that I was able to manage it is what gratifies me more than today's result. I gave everything, trying to finish first would have involved risks, and between Binder and the other unknown factors I think I survived a complicated race".

You have a special relationship with Assen, here last year you achieved your first podium in MotoGP, second behind Pecco, history repeating itself.

"I have wonderful memories of Assen, I used to come here to watch the races as a kid. I used to come here with my cousin to see Valentino racing, I was already a huge fan of his, he was my hero. At the time, there wasn't even a barrier , you sat on the grass and four meters away there was the track, it was super cool, and I was already dreaming of being there too. It's a fantastic circuit, and now seeing the stands crowded with spectators from another point of view, that of the rider this time, fighting with many other talented riders, all of which contributes to creating a truly special atmosphere".

Your first half of the championship ends on a very positive note, now after the triple-header the well-deserved summer break awaits you.

"I'll try to celebrate as long as possible! - jokes the VR46 team rider - but only in the first of the five weeks, then I'll go back to working with the team to keep myself ready for the second half of the championship".

Would you have preferred to continue the streak? What will you take with you from these last races?

"No, I deserve a vacation! - he jokes again - I certainly bring two good victories with me. I expected to get good results this year, but I didn't think so fast in the first part of the championship. Two good victories, two podiums here and in Portimao, three podiums in the Sprint including yesterday's victory, and a pole. So many positive things that make me satisfied with this first half of the season. But I also owe a lot to the team, they worked hard, and I have to offer them my heartfelt congratulations. Above all, I received a lot of affection from them, which for me is even more important than the results".

Is it better to win at Le Mans or here at Assen?

"Everything was different here, I was leading in all the sessions, a weekend to remember. Everything went perfectly, I never got nervous".

The standings speak for themselves, in the middle of the season after Pecco the main contenders, practically even, are you and Martin. Are you dreaming even bigger?

"You must never stop dreaming - Marco replies without hesitation - you must believe in it by giving your best. Don’t think badly!  I’d like to battle with Pecco, but you must recognize that in this moment he has something extra. As for me, I’ll try to get close to him as much as possible, so I'll continue to improve step by step, for now I dream of winning a few more races."

The summer break is also an opportunity to talk about the future for a rider, according to Dall'Igna you deserve a factory bike.

"Fortunately, I have a great team behind me, the Academy, they take care of everything so that I don't have to think about it. However, I would like a factory bike next year, if I could have it by staying where I am now, I would have everything I want".

More bets on the horizon?

"I have a serious problem with betting! - Marco then jokes - but I do it more than anything else to break the balls. Today I lost one with Pecco, it's something I love like crazy. For now, there's nothing scheduled, but there will be others, if we don't count the dinners with Carlo. Then who knows, rumours are going around that if I win the title, I'll have to do a lap of honour in my underwear..."


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