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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: “The fight with Bagnaia? Valentino will beat the crap out of us if we do damage”

"Everyone thinks it's nicer to battle with the guys from the Academy but it's not for me, because I'm always afraid of overdoing it and ruining the relationship. I got agitated, but I was faster than Pecco and I managed to overtake him"

MotoGP: Bezzecchi: “The fight with Bagnaia? Valentino will beat the crap out of us if we do damage”

Track record, pole position and victory in the Sprint, Marco Bezzecchi could not ask for more on the first day of race action in Assen, in which he scored his first career win over the short distance.

“We would need many of these days, unfortunately it's not always like this, but in the meantime, we're enjoying them” began Bezzecchi, more than satisfied with how his day went: “It was very nice. It went well here for me, because I already had a good feeling with the bike yesterday and was able to go quite fast. Today I managed to find a little more in the first sector, which had been my weak point yesterday, and in qualifying I managed to do a good lap, especially in that section of the track - he said - Luckily it was good enough, because Pecco was very fast for the rest of the lap and almost caught me. I'm very happy for the Sprint because, apart from Argentina and Mugello, I usually always suffer a little. Having obtained the first victory also in the Sprint is very positive and I am very happy".

Unlike Francesco Bagnaia, King of the short race with four wins out of eight races, it’s on Sunday  that the Mooney has always managed to give his best.

“Unfortunately, now Sunday doesn't count a damn thing on its own, Saturday and Sunday count - commented Bez - For me, Saturday is great, in the sense that I like this format and the Sprint. But it has a slightly different approach and if you don't start from the front, it's difficult. There are tracks where it's a bit easier to overtake and others where it's a bit difficult, so it's all conditioned by the time attack, which has taken on incredible importance. This is a bit of a drag because you do the time attack all the time and you work less with the bike. Right now, the level is very high, and they are all very good at setting times. Luckily, I did well here, but that's where Pecco made the difference, because he's always been on pole or on the front row, while I alternate a good qualifying with a seventh position or remain out of Q2 like in Jerez . I must improve in this aspect and then the result of the Sprints could also change".

What made it possible for Marco to grab his first victory in the short race was the great pace shown by the Ducati rider throughout the weekend, which allowed him to recover from a bad start and take back the position on Binder and Bagnaia.

“Honestly, at the start I think I tried to resist Pecco a bit too much, so I ran wide and lost the position against Brad too - explained the Romagna rider - I told myself I had to try to keep calm, but also to quickly overtake Brad, otherwise Pecco could have gone in the breakaway. I fought a bit with him and luckily, I was able to pass him in Turn 9, where I was a little better under braking. Then I tried to go and get Pecco, I also had a good battle with him for a few metres, and luckily, I was quite fast once I got in front. I tried to push to go away, because I had Pecco behind me and it's always difficult to manage the fight with the World Champion. Most of the time he stays in front of me, but not today ”.

Speaking of the duel with Bagnaia, he added: "It's not easy, because everyone thinks that with the guys from the Academy it's better, in reality for me it's a bit worse, in the sense that you're always afraid of overdoing it a bit and ruin the relationship that exists. Not only with Pecco, so it was a bit difficult, also because I got a bit agitated, but I was a bit faster, and I managed to pass him. Was he surprised? No, he just asked me if I wasn’t scared stiff by the risk of doing damage, because if that happened, Valentino and Carlo (Casabianca, the head of the Academy no.) would beat the crap out of us..." he burst out laughing .

A battle that we might also witness in the Dutch GP, although the Mooney VR46 team rider does not feel as if he’s the favourite for the long race.

“Tomorrow will be very different, because you must approach the race differently. I'm quite fast, but I think Pecco goes a little better with the medium tyre. Unfortunately, I didn't try it this morning, because I was sure I would race the Sprint with the soft. I hope to be able to get off to a good start and be in the top positions right from the start, to avoid confusion in the pack. I'll do my best to try to stay as far forward as possible - Bezzecchi said - I think Pecco is the favourite because he's usually better than me at managing the spin, the slide and to lean the bike in, with the medium tyre. He has a riding style that allows him to corner a lot with the rear and last year too I had the soft while he made the difference with the hard, which is this year's medium. I hope to be able to stay as close to him as possible and if I manage to outwit him, I'm happier, but I'll try to do my best and it will be what it will be."

In the Cathedral of Speed, however, the Romagna rider has the layout of the track on his side, with the fast corners of Assen that enhance Marco's riding.

“The track is quite technical in all its corners, because the first part, which is rather slow, is followed by a very fast section. For me the most technical turns are 6, 7 and 8 and that's where it's more difficult to make a difference, because the bike moves a lot in Turn 6 and then there's a quick change of direction where the bike is heavy. But it's also the point I like best because it's very fast and I like fast corners. In addition, Turn 8 is sloping and it seems that you can give a little more with each lap, which is why it's so fun" admitted Bez, who at that point talks about the causes of the numerous track warnings that punctuated the race : “If you look at the points where we go beyond the limits of the track, it usually happens in Turn 8. When you exit the corner, you usually go straight, but then the curb forces you to change direction a bit. It's difficult to control the bike, but it's a characteristic of the track and we have to adapt."


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