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MotoGP, Bastianini: "Marquez came to say sorry, it’s all OK"

“It’s normal that at first you wonder: what the fuck happened? I’ll answer for Marini, saving him from going to the stewards (smiles). I passed him, and when I was inside, he wanted to hold me off by going onto the green"

MotoGP: Bastianini: "Marquez came to say sorry, it’s all OK"


He’s got quite a heart has this Enea Bastianini. A comeback race for the rider from Romagna, who started from 18th position and finished eighth at the end of the sprint race. In his performance there was a lot of guts and courage especially considering his physical condition which is not exactly at the top.

The glass for the Ducati rider can be considered full on a Saturday that started out as a bit of an uphill struggle.

“It was a very difficult day - he began - I suffered a lot this morning and wasn’t satisfied at all. For the race we made some changes on the bike and it worked, seeing as that I made ten overtakes in the race, finding a good rhythm. Maybe I could have been in the top five today, because in the sprint I lapped in 1'33.0. Compared to the morning we had a great pace".

However, Enea had to grit his teeth.

“Physically I'm tired, my shoulder hurt, even if I'm better now. What can I say: it's tough to return to a triple-header like this after the Portimao accident".

He also had a comment about the incident with Marquez.

“We were both watching the other riders and he hit me. However, we cleared things up: Marc came to me after qualifying and said he was sorry. It was fine even if at first it is normal for you to wonder: "what the fuck happened?"

The fact is that that episode conditioned his qualifying.

“Maybe I would have been able to do a good lap, but not enough to go into Q2. With the new tyre here, I struggle too much while with the used one the sensations are better".

And he concluded by talking about Marini's relegation following what happened at turn 17 with Enea.

“I'll answer for him, saving him from having to go to the stewards (he smiles). I overtook him, when I was inside, he wanted to hold me off by going onto the green. If he didn't know who the rider behind it was, I'll tell him (he jokes) ”.


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