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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: “Marquez in the spotlight at the Sachsenring, but Ducati is present”

“Pecco could’ve fought for the victory with my bike last year. I was slowed down at Mugello, but it wasn’t my fault. I knew what the problem was.”

MotoGP: Bezzecchi: “Marquez in the spotlight at the Sachsenring, but Ducati is present”


Marco Bezzecchi arrives at the Grand Prix of the Sachsenring with the aim of starting over. In fact, he wants redemption after a Sunday at Mugello that left him with a bitter aftertaste. The Italian stage was the topic of discussion at the conference on Thursday, although he instead quickly talks about the weekend: “Sunday at Mugello was quite frustrating and, after the sprint race, I was very motivated, despite knowing that it would've beeen difficult to beat Pecco. I feel bad about the race, since I had all the cards to make it into the top five. The problem is that, after a few corners, I felt I had no confidence with the front and my race was compromised.

This was no small problem for the Mooney rider. “Here, at the Sachsenring, I looked at the data, and I understood what the problem was,” he explained. “I figured out that it wasn’t due to my riding. Now we'll focus on this round to do better. I certainly hope it doesn’t happen again, because when you work and bust your ass, screwing up isn’t great.

So now Mugello is behind him, and all that remains is concentrating on the Saxon stage.
I like the Sachsenring. It’s a unique track and, in some ways, small for the MotoGP. In the past, I struggled for the podium when I was in the lower categories and, in 2022, it didn’t do badly. So I want to get close to the best.”

Bezzecchi has no doubts about the favored rider: “Marc is obviously the center of attention at the Sachsenring, since he’s always won here, and we expect him to be fast. But now my bike is competitive and, last year, Pecco was very fast with the GP22. He could’ve fought for the victory without the fall, consequently, Ducati is present.

But there’s a chance of rain. “I don’t look at the weather, because it can change quickly here, and you only get nervous. At the end of the day, I’ve always done well with rain, even though I prefer it dry.

Lastly, he spoke about the hardest moment of his career.
Getting into MotoGP has been very hard, and it’s more so every year. I think the first season is always complicated, because you have so many things to try out and learn quickly.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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