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MotoGP, Marquez: "I thought quickly: I said to myself, here I risk hitting the wall"

After trying to figure out his crash to himself, a moment later Marquez was running to get the second bike with which he got into Q2: "I'm capable of getting the best out of the bike. I'm sorry that Vinales didn't get into Q2 when I caught his slipstream. but this is racing"

MotoGP: Marquez:

Marc Marquez ended the day in the best possible way: with entry into Q2 thanks to eighth quickest time which he grabbed thanks to Vinales' involuntary tow. He’s been doing that a lot recently, it has to be said.

"It's one of my strengths, I would say the greatest strength of my riding and I make the most of it - the Honda rider admitted in all sincerity - There are riders who suffer in situations of this type. My strength is instead, it's that when I'm in pain I have the ability to do one of my laps. For example, when I got to the garage, I liked the hard tire up front, which I used in the morning, but it wasn't ready and I had to use the softest tire of all, because it was the only one we had warm, but still a lap at most I could do it. There are riders, Maverick said in his interview, who say it's not good for motorcycle racing, but this is also racing. Everyone has their strong points, and each of us exploits them in the best way. On the track you have to be selfish and think about yourself”.

It's not the first time he's repeated this thought, Marc. The fact is that with the Honda that he currently has, Marc has to survive.

“Obviously I realise that this makes them angry. And when they've done that to me in the past, I felt helpless. I'm sorry that between Maverick and I, I got into Q2 and he was excluded. I wanted Maverick to come in, but I don't decide. In the first exit, it's true that I was looking for him, because when I came out of the garage I saw that they were also coming out. In the second one, however, I simply changed bikes and found him again. It was pure chance. Otherwise I would have looked for someone else. It was Maverick again and I understand he got mad."

Marquez is using the new Kalex chassis, but here at Mugello it doesn't seem to work like at Le Mans.

“When I tried this new chassis in Le Mans, I felt some weak points in some specific corners and here we have a lot of those types of corners, he concluded jokingly before talking about his crash.

“When I crashed it was totally my fault because I tried to cut the kerb with too much banking, this is often done with new tyres. Sometimes it's okay, sometimes it's not. In this case the asphalt wasn't perfect and the bike closed up at the front. There was a moment where I didn't know if I was going to save it or not, but I thought quickly, this is a question of milliseconds. I said to myself: if the bike straightens I'm going to crash into the wall. So I let go."

An incredibly courageous reaction. Not even the time to realize what had happened and Marc was already running towards the garage to get on the second bike.

“It's my instinct and I'm grateful that someone sees it as a strong point. I also have weaknesses, for example the instinct to always push hard which, for example, played a bad joke on me at Le Mans. I could have done a comfortable fourth place and instead I crashed. Instinct is part of my nature. It's not that I do it on purpose It's not that one says: be braver and go faster. For me it works the other way around. When I train they often tell me: push less, but I don't know what to do about it, my instinct always takes me to the limit".

Incredibly, as already in Austin, here at Mugello however the best Honda was not that of Marquez, but that of Rins.

“And I am happy. Austin and Mugello are circuits where Alex has always been strong, even with the Suzuki. Better, so we have more data to rely on”.


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