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MotoGP, Marini: "F1 and SBK are boring, I bet a lot of people will come to Mugello"

“MotoGP is a fantastic show now, with a lot of riders fighting for podiums and victories. I did everything to be at least 80% after the injury, but it won't be easy."

MotoGP: Marini:

Still a bit bruised but smiling, Luca Marini can't wait to get back on his Mooney VR46 Desmosedici GP to contest his home round at Mugello. It’s going to be a special weekend for the Italian, ready to give his all despite the aftermath of the Le Mans injury, in which he damaged the thumbs of both hands.

“I'm not feeling bad. I've tried to work on my injuries over the past three weeks, to be here in the best possible condition, and I'm very happy that the fracture is now fine. I did everything to be at least 80%, to be competitive and try to get a good result here. I really wanted it, because it's Mugello. No further explanations are needed - said Marini, commenting on his condition - This morning I got on the bike and tried to do something with my physiotherapist, which can allow me to use my thumb in the best possible way, because at the moment I have no problems with the bone, but with the tendon and ligament. I struggle a bit and they give me a bit of trouble when I have to brake. We'll see tomorrow how the feeling will be, also because Mugello is a very stressful track".

Already last year, the 25-year-old showed that he has everything it takes to do well at Mugello, finishing the Italian GP in 6th place, after starting from the last front row slot. A precedent that certainly gives morale to Luca, who has improved considerably in recent months, conquering his first two podiums in the Top Class. However, as he is not yet at 100%, will Marini be looking at the race weekend feeling more or less strong than last year?

“It's a good question that I'll answer tomorrow, after I've got on the bike - admitted the Ducati rider, who still doesn't know how much he'll be affected by the injury - I haven't done any tests, I just did a standing start this morning and my hand hurts a bit when I have to move my fingers to brake. From a standstill it doesn't seem to give me any problems, but the Mugello track is one of the most physically difficult, so I don't know. I will have to see tomorrow. It certainly won't be easy, because at MotoGP, when you're not at 100%, you already start a tenth behind and now a tenth can even be 10 positions."

MotoGP promises a spectacular show in Tuscany, unlike what happens in Formula 1 and Superbike, where victories are monopolized by Max Verstappen and Alvaro Bautista, protagonists of the two championships.

“It's a good thing that this isn't the case in MotoGP, because that way there's more entertainment. The fans can have more than one rider to cheer for and in my opinion it's a fantastic thing - commented Luca - SBK and F1 are rather boring now, and I say this as a motorsport lover, because you sit on the sofa already knowing the result and wait for something crazy to happen that can give a bit of a show. I'm not talking about incidents, but maybe a Safety Car in Formula 1, or the arrival of rain, which can give a bit more show. In my opinion, on the other hand, MotoGP is a fantastic show now, because in every race there are a lot of riders fighting for the podium and the victory and lots of overtaking. It's great".

A situation that makes it difficult to understand the reason for the low turnout of public recorded last year at the MotoGP Italian GP.

“I think this year will definitely be better than last year. I bet the Italian fans will come in large numbers and I hope a lot of people will come" said Marini, who then recounted that he was not involved in the flood that hit Emilia-Romagna a few weeks ago: "I live in San Giovanni in Marignano, which fortunately is far away. However, the river here (the Ventena, ed.) burst its banks and reached the parking lot with my cars. The garage was almost full of water and we were very lucky."


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