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SBK, Rea: “Thinking about Bautista and Ducati is useless, our reference is Toprak”

“We’re in the condition where it’s unthinkable to reach the level of the Panigale. Yamaha is no faster than us, but Toprak is doing something exceptional, and that’s where we need to get.”

SBK: Rea: “Thinking about Bautista and Ducati is useless, our reference is Toprak”


Johnny Rea did it again today, taking fifth place in Race 2 behind Axel Bassani. The Cannibal couldn’t do much more against this Ducati, especially considering the qualities of his Kawasaki and the fact that he didn’t test.

I was hoping to bring something more home, but this is it,” Johnny said. “With the high temperatures, we had to work especially when braking. Also, at some point, I had the brake lever stuck between two fingers. Too bad, because I then started to feel pain in my forearms, and it wasn’t easy.

Bassani came up in front of him.
When I was in Axel’s slipstream, I tried to attack, but I wasn’t able to pass him, since I had problems with the rear, mainly due to the brake lever. That’s precisely why I didn’t feel safe in attacking him and try to pass. As for the superpole race, I felt faster, but I couldn’t do anything there either.

For Rea, the Ducati are now unattainable.
It’s useless to think of Bautista and Ducati at this moment, because our reference is Toprak. It’s precisely for this reason that I think it’s unthinkable to be able to catch up to the Panigale, especially considering what Alvaro’s style is and the way he rides. The Yamaha is a competitive bike, but I don’t think it’s faster than me. So we have to improve and try to make progress, since Toprak, here in Misano, was incredible as well as ten seconds faster than us.”

Now let’s take a look at Donington.
It’s hard to go home like this, but there are positives. First of all, I managed to close the gap from Locatelli, and a few took steps forward. The next round is Donington, but I honestly expect pretty much the same thing. It’ll then be curious to see the level of the new asphalt, given that it has great grip.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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