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MotoGP, Biaggi: "Aprilia has achieved little so far, but with 40 races anything is possible"

The Roman Emperor takes stock of the start of the MotoGP championship: "You don't get used to a new format in 5 races, but the Sprint Race is an added value and everything is still wide open"

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The Aprilia All Stars event was an opportunity for Max Biaggi to put on his helmet and leathers again and have fun on the Misano circuit, taking to the track on the bikes that have made, and are still making, the history of the Noale-based manufacturer. From the legendary RSV 250 to the MotoGP RS-GP, many beauties took turns in the demo runs on the Riviera track, where the four-time 250 champion was also the protagonist, winner of the scooter race,

“I did 4 or 5 laps in a row, it's fun. I was hoping to find someone else to share the circuit with, but we were always at different points. I thought I'd lap and get some breath, because if you start pushing a bit you'll struggle, but I still have 4 or 5 laps of autonomy. I think I also have a few laps planned with the 250" said Biaggi after being intercepted in the pits by our very own Paolo Scalera, who took the opportunity to ask him for his opinion on this start to the MotoGP championship.

How do you see Aprilia's start to the championship?

“In my opinion we have achieved little compared to what we could have and could potentially pick up. A bit of bad luck, a bit of a combination of things, but the potential is there. You just need to do some good practice sessions. We did them well in Jerez, but the result wasn't what we hoped for, while at Le Mans they had what it takes to do really well, but unfortunately we missed out on the start because of qualifying".

As you have the experience of two World Championships in SBK, where more than one race is held, what do you think of this Sprint Race and of the fact that the riders have to push as early as Friday?

“It was introduced and strongly desired by the organization, so there is a logical reason. The teams and riders will adapt to the format, which is obviously new, but even if five races have now gone by, it's not that you get used to an epochal change that way, because it's always been just one race. With two races it will be a little different, but I'm sure that from the middle of the championship onwards it will become a normal procedure".

Isn't there an excessive increase in the risk, given that the race is only 120 km long?

“When there is another start and another finish, you always have to take into account that you risk a bit more. But it is also an extra moment of attention for the public and the media, because on Saturday, instead of only seeing qualifying, you can also watch the race. It's an added value. Then people maybe even come on Fridays”.

There are many races left and Bagnaia is leading with only 94 points. In your opinion, is the World Championship still open to everyone, including Marc Marquez, Vinales and Espargarò?

"Maybe yes. I say maybe because we never had more than 20-21 races. Since there are 40, in my opinion anything is possible”.


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